DCentral Miami 2022 — November 28-29, 2022

DCentral Miami 2022

DCentral Miami returns again to Downtown Miami to bring all of Web3, DeFi, DAOs, and NFT together during Art Basel, the largest Art Festival in the US.

Speakers include:

  • Timbaland, Multi-platinum Grammy-Winning Producer
  • Tor Bair, Founder, Secret Foundation
  • Guy Zyskind, Founder & CEO, Scrt Labs
  • Ronghui Gu, Founder & CEO, CertiK
  • Charles Hoskinson, Founder & CEO, Input Output
  • Stefan Rust, CEO, Laguna
  • Elena Sinelnikova, Co-Founder & CEO, Metis
  • Siddarth Patil, Co-Founder & COO, Comdex
  • Carter Woetzel, Lead Researcher & Economist, Shade Protocol
  • Alexander Mayes, Staff Product Designer, Coinbase NFT
  • Patrick Dunlop, Co-Founder, Jackal
  • Rudy Rong, Co-Founder & CEO, KaratDAO
  • 0xslenderman, Founder & CEO, Composable Finance
  • Scarlett Arana, Co-Founder, Bit Basel
  • Justin Banon, Co-Founder, Boson Protocol
  • Greg Gopman, CMO, Ankr
  • Sergey Gorbunov, Co-Founder & CEO, Axelar
  • Kosala Hemachandra, Founder & CEO, MyEtherWallet
  • Justin Wu, Co-Founder & CEO, DCENTRAL
  • Zaki Manian, Co-Founder, Somm Finance
  • Daniel Moncada, Actor, Crypto & NFT Enthusiast (Better Call Saul, BreakingBad & More)
  • Baron Davis, Former NBA Player

Website: https://www.dcentralcon.com/

Venue: James L. Knight Center
Miami, FL

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