CV Summit 2022 — September 14-15, 2022

CV Summit 2022

The CV Summit is designed to facilitate high-level discourse and showcase the Swiss blockchain ecosystem as one of the leading blockchain innovation and investment landscapes in the world.

This unique event gathers investors, corporates, and high-profile individuals in one place in order to examine how the present and future applications of blockchain technology can help optimize and evolve our businesses, revolutionize diverse industries, modernize governmental institutions, support art and culture, and improve our daily lives as a whole.

Venue: Theater Casino, Zug, Switzerland

Speakers include:

  • Olaf Hannemann, CIO, CV VC
  • Dr. Karl Kobelt, President for the City of Zug
  • Bertrand Perez, CEO, Web3 Foundation
  • Philipp Rösler, Former German Minister for Economic Affairs and President of the CV VC Advisory Board
  • Gideon Greaves, Managing Director at CV VC Africa
  • Alain Kunz, Director of Business Development, GSR
  • Dr. Dirk Klee, CEO, Bitcoin Suisse AG
  • Dr. Gökçe Phillips, CEO, CryptoIndexSeries
  • Sandi Bitenc, CEO, 3Air
  • Massimo Butti, Head of Equity, SIX Digital Exchange
  • Andrea Abrams, Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer at PHYGICODE, Chief of Strategy at Faith Tribe DAO
  • Michael Holdmann, CEO & Founder, PraSaga
  • Julien Donnet, Product Manager, Citi Ventures
  • Monier Jalal, VP of Marketing, CertiK

More speakers TBA


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