CryptoCastle Symposium 2021 (unDystopia) — September 3-5, 2021

Burgscheidungen, Germany

The world is such a beautiful place, if you don’t mind obsolete authoritarian hierarchical systems and their representatives.

Unpredicted events result in freedom restrictions, enforced by the mainstream society that ignores that we are in a dystopian direction. Guided by the oligopoly of a few Internet corporations, whose employees, alongside with censors and regulators, lead a free society to a doom.

What are the tools to bypass this? How can crypto help us create an unDystopian world? How do we protect freedom?

Despite the current dystopian direction the world seems to head, we are happy we exist and believe in a positive future.

Speakers include: 

  • Peter Todd, Bitcoin Developer
  • Thomas Voegtlin, Founder, Electrum
  • Yanislav Malahov, Founder, Aeternity
  • Meinhard Benn, Founder and CEO, SatoshiPay
  • Paul Rosenberg, Co-founder, Cryptohippie; Author of the Freeman’s Perspective Newsletter
  • Pavol Lupták, Cryptoanarchist
  • Amir Taaki, Developer
  • Joel Dietz, Connection Science Fellow at MIT
  • Alexander Bard, Cyberphilospher
  • Olga Ukolova, Co-Founder, Pandora Core
  • Amin Rafiee, Founder, Bittopia University
  • Max Hillebrand, Free Software Entrepreneur
  • Theo Goodman, NFT Auctioneer
  • Rachel-Rose O’Leary, Coder and Writer
  • Gideon Gallasch, Blockchainhotel + CryptoCastle Core Team


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