Crypto Asia Summit Second Edition | September 28-29, 2020

The Crypto Asia Summit will bring investors and decision makers that will provide market intelligence to discover key trends, opportunities, and top crypto projects.

This FREE online event that anyone can watch anywhere in the world will equip attendees with proven strategies, tools, and insight to participate in the DeFi and IPFS movement, learn about investing and mining opportunities, and network with top industry experts for new jobs or partnerships. 

Whether you’re an investor, developer, enthusiast, early adopter, entrepreneur, or looking to learn about the industry, the Crypto Asia Summit is a must attend event. 

In addition, this event will give attendees a closer look into the Asian market, a hotbed for crypto advancement among businesses and government.

Hosted by online event live streaming and social media platform ChainTalk, the 1st Crypto Asia Summit gathered more than 70 industry-leading speakers and nearly 20,000 audiences online to participate.

Speakers include:

  • Keisuke Honda,  Co-founder of Dreamers VC, Former Japan’s National Soccer Team Player
  • Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Digital Innovation and Blockchain, European Commission.
  • Fernando Martinelli, CEO and Co-founder of Balancer.
  • Sean Lee, CEO of Algorand Foundation.
  • Patrick Dai, Founder and CEO of Qtum.
  • Kevin Chou, CEO of Rally