March 5, 2020 | Conference.Exchanges

Business networking event with leading crypto exchanges, traders, liquidity providers & regulators.

De Bazel
Vijzelstraat 32 – 1017 HL,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Basic topics to be raised at The Conference Exchanges include:

  • Decreasing liquidity
  • Security frauds
  • Two-edged swords of trading fees
  • Customer support challenges
  • Scalability limitations
  • Regulation & legal issues
  • Security tokens
  • OTC trading
  • Data management
  • Arbitrage and trading strategies.

Speakers include:

  • Calvin Cheng, Director at ABCC Exchange (Singapore)
  • Phil Glover, AVP, Financial Markets at OKEx (UK)
  • Maximillian Marenbach, Head of Banking for Europe, Kraken Exchange (The Netherlands)
  • Maria Stankevich, Head of Business Development EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange (Russia)
  • Linda Wang, Head of International Expansion at Shapeshift (UK)
  • Guilherme Jovanovic, Chief Business Development Officer, Indacoin (UK)
  • Nathan Pearson-Smith, VP of Business Development at Stratx (UK)
  • Benjamin Zennou, Managing partner, Enigma Securities (UK)
  • Marina Khaustova, CEO at Crystal (Bitfury spin-off) (The Netherlands)
  • Magdalena Boškić, Head of Compliance, Crypto Broker AG (Switzerland)
  • Michaël van de Poppe, CEO at BonSanca, Trader & Amsterdam Stock Exchange (The Netherlands)
  • Juan David Mendieta, Co-Founder and CSO at Keyrock (Belgium)


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