Bogohacks 2022 — October 8-10, 2022

Bogohacks 2022

Bogohacks 2022, a Web3 Hackathon organized by Metis & Gitcoin, invites you to collaborate and buidl with the dev community in Bogota!

Join Bogohacks 2022 during the Devcon week in October for a meeting of the brightest minds in web3!

We’re coming together to cultivate meaningful relationships, create innovative blockchain solutions, and develop critical support for broken systems, so we can serve more people with greater efficacy.

Together, we can buidl a brighter future in web3!

Bogohack’s Purpose

The power of Web3 lies in its global contributions, and the LATAM blockchain community’s input is crucial for ongoing innovation.

Web3’s diversity and accessibility have supported the development of disruptive technology with infinite potential, and we’re looking forward to building relationships with LATAM developers to continue the impactful growth seen so far in blockchain advancements.

Speakers include:

  • Elena Sinelnikova, Co-Founder, Metis & Cryptochicks
  • Pablo Sabbatella, Founder, Defy Education
  • Tracey Bowen, The Chief Instigator of H.E.R. DAO; Founder of Herhacks
  • Natalia Ameline, Co-Founder, Cryptochicks
  • Yuan Su, Co-Founder, Metis; Co-Founder & CTO, Matrix
  • Valerie Song, Co-Founder & Funder, F3
  • Chelsea Kubo, Co-Founder and COO, DAC Portal
  • Alfonso Campenni, Content Creator, Lens Argentina
  • Caria Wei, Co-Founder & CEO, Matrix
  • Chris Swenor, Co-founder & CEO, Reach

Venue: Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & SPA, Bogota, Colombia
Opening ceremony: Oct 8 at Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & SPA
Closing Ceremony: Oct 10 at Vista Corona, Bogota


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