Devcon 6 — October 11-15, 2022

Devcon 6

Devcon is the Ethereum conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers. Hosted by the Ethereum Foundation, Devcon 6 will take place in October 2022 in Bogota, Colombia.

Devcon is an intensive introduction for new Ethereum explorers, a global family reunion for those already a part of the ecosystem, and a source of energy and creativity for all.

Devcon’s goal is to educate and empower the community to build and use decentralized systems. And it is a conference for builders of all kinds: developers, designers, researchers, client implementers, test engineers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, social economists, artists, and more.


  • Layer 1 Protocol
  • Layer 2s
  • Developer Infrastructure
  • Governance & Coordination
  • UX & Design
  • Staking & Validator Experience
  • Security
  • ZKPs – Privacy, Identity, Infrastructure, & More
  • Opportunity & Global Impact
  • Cryptoeconomics


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