Blockchain Africa Conference 2021 – March 18-19, 2021


Since 2015, Bitcoin Events’ annual Blockchain Africa Conferences have been the first of their kind in Africa and have brought together some of the top thought leaders from across the globe. Over 32 countries, 1600 delegates and 135 speakers have attended our previous six conferences, from both the public and private sector.

Enter Blockchain Africa Conference 2021: Beyond the Hype – Now ONLINE & FREE

Join us at Africa’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency conference, the Blockchain Africa Conference 2021 where we will cut through the hype and showcase the potential of these disruptive and innovative technologies.

The conference will explore how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies provide opportunities and benefits for individuals, governments, start-ups, companies and institutions by removing and improving inefficient systems and processes within and across organisations.

Speakers  include: 

  • Henri Arslanian, Global Crypto Leader at PwC
  • Yele Bademosi, CEO and Co-Founder of Bundle; Founding Partner at Microtraction
  • Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco, Founder/CEO & Investor at Global Policy House, Senior Advisor to Government of Bermuda
  • Peter McCormack, Host of What Bitcoin Did podcast
  • Dan Held, Growth Lead at Kraken
  • Alex Mashinsky, Founder and CEO, Celsius Network
  • Dr. Steven Waterhouse, CEO and Co-founder, Orchid
  • Nathaniel Luz, Lead for Dash Nigeria
  • Rocelo Lopes, Founder and CEO of Stratum Global and CoinPY
  • David Gitonga, Director and Founder at BitcoinKE
  • Richard Ells, CEO and Founder of Electroneum and AnyTask
  • Yael Tamar, CMO and Partner at SolidBlock
  • Marvin Coleby, Co-founder and CEO of Raise; Co-Trustee at the African Digital Asset Foundation
  • David Zacks, Chief Compliance Officer at Bitflyer USA
  • Marc Taverner, Executive Director of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA)


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