Bitcoin 2021 – June 4-5, 2021

Bitcoin 2021 will feature a massive collection of the best and brightest minds in the space, dozens of one-of-a-kind BTC activations and the chance to celebrate the world’s best technology with all of your internet friends IRL.

The Bitcoin 2021 conference has been moved to June 4-5, 2021, in Miami, Florida.

Venue TBA

Initially scheduled for March 2020, the event was on track to be the largest Bitcoin conference in history. By mid-February, over 2,000 people had registered and the organizers were on pace to host nearly 4,000 people at SVN West in San Francisco. 100+ speakers, 50+ media outlets and 75+ of the best companies in the space were set to celebrate with us. Then, COVID-19 happened.

Like many events across the globe, Bitcoin 2020 had to be postponed due to governmental restrictions. Not wanting to risk the safety of attendees or make any sacrifices to the atmosphere of the event, the organizers were forced to reschedule.

The initial plan was to reschedule Bitcoin 2020 for a September 2020 date in San Francisco, however, space capacity limitations, gray areas of international travel restrictions and a lack of clarity from the City of San Francisco have made it impossible to host the celebration of Bitcoin that was envisioned.

The Plan B was about hosting Bitcoin 2021 in Los Angeles on April 30 and May 1, 2021, but the agenda has changed again with the conference having been moved to June 4-5, 2021, in Miami, Florida.

Speakers include: 

  • Jack Dorsey, CEO, Twiiter / Square Crypto
  • Nick Szabo, Cryptographer, Legal Scholar, Computer Scientist
  • Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of Social Capital; Chairman of Virgin Galactic
  • Tony Hawk, Legendary Skateboarder and Countercultural Icon Riding the Bitcoin Wave Since 2013.
  • Aaron van Wirdum, Technical Editor, Bitcoin Magazine
  • Mark Yusko, CEO and CIO Morgan Creek Capital Management
  • Amiti Uttarwa, Contributor & Software Engineer, BTC Core & Xapo
  • Peter Todd, Applied Cryptography Consultant
  • Colleen Sullivan, Partner & CEO, CMT Digital Holdings
  • Charlie Shrem, Host, Untold Stories
  • Pete Rizzo, Editor-at-Large, Kraken
  • Anthony Pompliano, Founder & Partner, Morgan Creek Digital
  • Andrew Poelstra, Director of Research, Blockstream
  • Matt Odell, Bitcoin & Privacy Advocate
  • Rodolfo Novak, Co-Founder & CEO, Coinkite
  • Peter McCormack, Host, What Bitcoin Did
  • Jack Mallers, Founder, Zap
  • Caitlin Long, Gubernatorial Appointee, Wyoming Blockchain Task Force
  • Steve Lee, Product Director, Square Crypto
  • Sergej Kotliar, Founder & CEO, Bitrefill
  • Carla Kirk-Cohen, Software Engineer, Lightning Labs
  • Ki Young Ju, CEO, CryptoQuant
  • Isaiah Jackson, Author, Bitcoin and Black America
  • Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation
  • Edward Evenson, Director of Business Development, Braiins / Slush Pool
  • Rockstar Dev, Developer, BTCPay Server & Zap
  • Leigh Cuen, Writer, CoinDesk
  • Olaf Carlson-Wee, Founder & CEO, Polychain Capital
  • Robert Breedlove, Founder & CEO, Parallax Digital
  • Marty Bent, Co-Host, Tales From The Crypt
  • Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO, FTX
  • David Bailey, CEO, BTC Inc.
  • Isabela Bagueros, Executive Director, Tor Project
  • Slush, Co-Founder & CEO, SatoshiLabs
  • Stick, Co-Founder & CTO, SatoshiLabs


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