October 19-25, 2019 | Bali Financial Summit

The Financial Summit in Bali is a 6-day event taking place at a luxurious all-inclusive resort with high level interaction between Investment Professionals, Financial Engineers, Traders and Hedge Funds.

Bali, Indonesia

The 1st Annual Financial Summit is focused on the following goals:

  • Sharpen skills with experienced and successful traders by learning advanced Technical Analysis & Money Management techniques.
  • Educate ‘Financially Independent’ individuals on how to best self-manage their trading accounts, or how to invest it with professional money managers.
  • Connect Money Managers & Hedge Funds with talented traders looking for capital to take their strategies to the next level.
  • Connect talented traders with individual developers & financial engineers experienced in automating trading strategies.

Among those who you will meet, learn and collaborate with are:

Tone Vays
While Tone has been focusing on the Crypto markets the last 5 years, he comes from a traditional Wall Street environment where he was involved in building Risk Models for 10 years. Having an expertise in Portfolio Risk Management & Option Spread Trading, Tone went back to his early trading styles of directional trading & technical analysis to educate those in the crypto space looking to start their trading careers.

Conrad (aka UglyOldGoat)
Everyone knows him as Ugly, but despite the funny name, he has a trading record that is hard to believe. Starting with only a few bitcoin in 2014, he was a top 10 trader by volume on the most liquid crypto exchange Bitmex in 2018.

Venzen Khaosan
Venzen Khaosan brought his trading techniques from traditional stock trading when he was one of the first people to start writing about Technical Analysis of Bitcoin in 2013. Since starting his private subscription service in 2015, he has a ratio of 76% winning trades to only 9% Losers with the difference being break-even trades.

Willy Woo
Willy Woo is a serial entrepreneur and for the last 5 years, he’s been heavily focused on the Crypto Space. Unlike most traders in the space, Willy’s expertise is Fundamentals and he has really taken it to another level with this new asset class.

Sawcruhteez started to gain notoriety in the 2018 bear market as he broke 1,000% return in less than 6 months by swing trading BTC and ETH. These amazing returns were documented in real time on Trading View and were made using a maximum of 5x leverage.

Leah Wald
Leah Wald’s expertise is in development economist and financial analytics. She began her career at 19 working at the World Bank in the Africa Region. Leah is a contributing writer for Forbes and has co-founded 2 companies including Veterati and was a founding adviser for Naadam, developing their international development fund.

Crypto Face
As a co-creator of a trading indicator Market Cipher, the pseudo anonymous trader Crypto Face follows the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto & Bitcoin in his trading style. Being one of the few streamers around that trades the markets live for everyone to see his success & failed trades alike, Cripto Face preaching risk management each step of the way through the bull and bear daily swings.

This will be a very exclusive event limited to a maximum of 30 attendees in order to guarantee high quality and personal attention.

Web-site: thefinancialsummit.com