Blockchain for Humanity Awards 2019 to Be Announced at Latin American Bitcoin Conference

This year, Blockchain for Humanity (B4H) Awards will be announced at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference (LABITCONF) on December 13th.

Blockchain for Humanity is a not for profit foundation. For almost three years, b4H has issued Awards to recognize the work of outstanding social impact projects, receiving over 80 applications. It invites applicants to send their nomination for the yearly awards; applicants are social entrepreneurs working with emerging technologies to address gaps in society and the environment.

For this year’s awards edition, in addition to the coaching role b4H carries out to prepare, validate, and strengthen the social impact model, the Foundation seeks to provide Seed Grants to eligible Awardees and distribute the funds subject to milestones completion.

Grace Torrellas, Co-Founder of Blockchain 4 Humanity, said:

“Each year, we get rewarded with superb applications, and this year has been exceptional. We can appreciate the increase of Blockchain use cases with a very specific targeted area of impact.”

Additionally, this year, b4H will be carrying out an auction for an Art piece that was donated to the foundation back in 2017, at the peak of the Bitcoin price and signed by distinguished members of the Blockchain community. This auction will help raise the targeted fundraising goal of USD 100K.

About the Awards

B4H Awards 2019 are offered in two categories: DREAMERS and SHAPERS


Those initiatives that meet the qualifications of high potential, impactful projects with a strong use case of the blockchain technology for positive impact.

The ‘Dreamers’ would be considered the projects that will initiate the Catalyzer Program 2020. Projects that qualify under the ‘Dreamers’ award will be further supported by b4H ecosystem of partners and the #Coalitions4GOOD movement.

Shapers (Social Hackers)

Initiatives that have already demonstrated a strong use case or product that falls under the social/environmental impact to make the world a better place. These projects are generally more advanced in their concept and can serve as models for the ‘dreamers’.

This category is viewed as beyond the Catalyzer Program’s goals and would benefit from the brand awareness, media coverage, use case promotion and invitation to LABITCONF to present their progress.

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