Australian Blockchain Week 2023 — June 26-30, 2023

Australian Blockchain Week is the flagship gathering for the Blockchain & Digital Currency Industry Downunder, featuring five days of exclusive online and in-real-life events.

The programme for the Australian Blockchain Week 2023 boasts a dynamic mix of pioneering technology, academics, executives, and government leaders who are shaping the blockchain and digital assets landscape in Australia and around the globe.

This includes roundtables, live panels, fireside chats, a Fringe Festival, NFT art galleries, workshops, afterparties, and much more!


Opening & Conference — June 26 (Sydney)

A dynamic and informative day filled with engaging discussions, valuable networking opportunities, and expert insights into the rapidly-evolving blockchain and digital asset industry.

Speakers include:

  • Michael Bacina, Chair, Blockchain Australia
  • Dan Chesterman, Group Executive, Technology and Data, Chief Information Officer, ASX
  • Sam Stuart, Director of Digital Identity, Cyber & Intelligence, Crypto Intelligence – Mastercard
  • Sophie Gilder, Managing Director, Blockchain & Digital Assets, Commonwealth Bank
  • Michael Shaulov, CEO, Fireblocks
  • Kieran Warwick, Co-Founder, Illuvium
  • Mike Meisels, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, Chainalysis
  • Adriana Belotti, Governance Program Manager, Algorand Foundation
  • Ben Morris, Director, Web3 & Gaming APAC, Circle
  • Jonathan Miller, Managing Director, Kraken Australia
  • Caroline Bowler, CEO, BTC Markets
  • Ben Rose, Regional General Manager: Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Binance
  • Jessica Renden, CEO, Cointree
  • John O’Loghlen, Regional General Manager: Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Coinbase
  • Alex Harper, Co-Founder and CEO, Swyftx

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The Nationwide Fringe Event Festival — June 27

Australian Blockchain Week welcomes the entire Blockchain, Crypto and Web3 community to host events during Blockchain Week.

If you’re organising an event, feel free to share the details, and promote it within the industry.


Worlds Biggest Web3 Classroom — June 28 (Brisbane, The Precinct)

Day 3 of Blockchain Week is dedicated to education, careers, entrepreneurship, innovation and building a business in Web3.

Join the world’s largest Web3 classroom at day 3 of Blockchain Week in Brisbane. Expect a day of entry level content for those who are new to the space and keen to dive into the world of digital currency and blockchain.

Themes Include:

  • Education: Accessible entry-level blockchain and digital currency education and workshops.
  • Careers: Discovery sessions on roles and skills provide insights into the requirements and responsibilities of various positions in the blockchain and decentralized technology industry, helping attendees identify potential opportunities and paths for growth in the space.
  • Business & Startups: How to leverage Web3 technology for innovative startups and successful use cases in blockchain and decentralised technologies.
  • Youth: Workshops, labs, and hands-on sessions for young people to learn about Web3 technologies, career paths, and the history and future of money.


8:45am – 2:30pm
Digital Currency, Blockchain & Web3 Beginners Education Series

9:00am – 2:30pm
Blockchain & Web3 Workshops & Hands On Labs

Speakers & Presentations by:

  • Michael Bacina, Chair, Blockchain Australia
  • Katrina Donaghy, CEO, Civic Ledger
  • Milly Rowett, Engineering Manager, Cash App
  • Tommy Honan, Head of Commercial Operations, Swyftx
  • Jack Deeb, COO, Mycelium
  • Austin Lewinsmith, Co-Founder,  Blockchain Collective
  • Kieran Nolan, School Of Bitcoin

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International Landscape — June 29 (Global Online)

A day of international perspectives, featuring keynote addresses and panel discussions exploring the regulatory landscapes of APAC, EU, US & the Middle East.

Themes Include:

Geopolitical trends: How global politics are shaping the future of blockchain and digital currency.
Regulatory frameworks: Regional perspectives on the evolving regulatory landscape for digital assets.
Emerging markets: Opportunities and challenges for blockchain and digital currency in emerging economies.
Compliance: Navigating Complex Cross Border Regulations, Ensuring Interoperability, and Fostering international Collaboration.

Speakers & Panelists include:

  • Gracy Chen, Managing Director, Bitget
  • Caitlin Long, Founder and CEO, Custodia Bank
  • Commissioner Hester M. Peirce, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Kristin Smith, CEO, US Blockchain Association
  • Edward Woodford, CEO & Co-Founder, Zero Hash
  • Stuart Cureton, COO, International, Tastytrade
  • Mark Bailey, Director Corporate Finance & Forensics, Hall Chadwick
  • Graham Pease, Queensland Police Detective & Chainalysis Training Specialist
  • Rahul Advani, Policy Director, Ripple
  • Angela Ang, Senior Policy Advisor, TRM Labs
  • Andrew Vranjes, VP of Sales and GM, APAC, Blockdaemon
  • Alex Sims, Member of Executive Council, Blockchain New Zealand
  • Chloe White, Managing Director, Genesis Block

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Lasting Impressions — June 30 (Melbourne, Deloitte & Oshi Gallery)

A dynamic and informative day filled with engaging discussions, valuable networking opportunities, and expert insights into the rapidly-evolving blockchain and digital asset industry.

Themes Include:

  • Art, Marketing & NFTs: How Web3 is transforming marketing, art and creativity.
  • Reflections: Thought-provoking discussions on insights, opportunities, actions, and thought leadership in the fast-moving and dynamic world of digital currency and blockchain.
  • Building & Innovation: Discover how blockchain technology is opening up new horizons for in-game economies and decentralised music distribution, presenting benefits for creators, consumers, and investors alike.
  • The Great DAO Debate: An exploration of the advantages and disadvantages of DAOs as a viable business model, with industry leaders debating the benefits of decentralisation, transparency, and community-driven decision-making.

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