Asian Blockchain Festival 2022 — October 7, 2022

Asian Blockchain Festival 2022


Asian Blockchain Festival 2022 (ABF) is an in-person blockchain and crypto conference with a special focus on the Southeast Asia – home to more than 600 million inhabitants.

Asian Blockchain Festival 2022 main topics:

  • Updates about latest trends in the blockchain industry
  • Deeper insight about Blockchain industry – for professionals
  • Opportunity for global investors and startupd to meet up and discuss about their businesses

Blockchain is not only just about hot trends like Metaverse, NFTs or GameFi. Blockchain is all about how we apply this technology into our business and make our lives better. We bring professionals, key opinion leaders to you and give you real deep insights about the industry.

Speakers include:

  • Magnus Jones, Nordic Blockchain Lead, EY
  • James Beck, Director of Communications and Content, ConsenSys
  • Rio Popeye, Group Chief Operating Officer, EMURGO
  • Herbert Sim, Founder, The Bitcoin Man
  • Artur Pszczółkowski, CMO/VP, GamerHash
  • Patrick Tan, CEO & General Counsel, Novum Alpha
  • Cris D Tran, Chief Strategy / Vietnam, Huobi Global
  • Isaac Rodgin, Founder, RCG group
  • Arpit Sharma, VP, Polygon Technology
  • Sanjay Popli, Co-Founder, Cryptomind Group
  • Paul H, Director, BlockFi Asia
  • Peko Wan, CEO, PundiX
  • Audrey Nesbitt, Global Head, Fluidefi
  • Zeb Lelie, Consultant, Cyper Capital


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