November 7-8, 2019 | America’s Blockchain Summit

The Americas Blockchain Summit is an unprecedented event in Panama that connects global experts applying blockchain technology, developers, startups, leaders in Blockchain, entrepreneurs, investors and all those with the interest to learn and apply Blockchain technology.

Wyndham Panama Albrook Mall Hotel & Convention Center
Panama City, Panama

The Summit is designed for all levels of knowledge, from knowing the basic principles of Blockchain, to expert developers and all interested parties in learning and applying this new and powerful business application. Experts will present business use cases in banking, logistics, real estate, government, technical talks and future use cases. There will be many opportunities to establish important business contacts, investments and networking.

Speakers include:

Michael Creadon, DrawBridge Lending
Adrian Scott, Freedom Stack Limited
Glenn Tjon, KPMG
Alex Nascimento, UCLA Blockchain Lab
Walter Alvarez, Blockfactory
Antonio Manueco, BetaBlocks
Alejandro Palomar, 360 Solutions
Alex Casas, Shelpin


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