Adopting Bitcoin – A Lightning Summit 2022 — November 15-17, 2022

Adopting Bitcoin – A Lightning Summit 2022

Adopting Bitcoin is back in El Salvador offering two main programmed tracks (both simultaneously translated to Spanish): ECON for non-technical, and DEV for technical topics.

Participants will have the opportunity to branch out from the main tracks to plenty of workshops and breakout sessions in smaller groups according to individual interest. And of course, there will be a Hackspace for the builders and makers.

The Bitcoin Law leveled the playing field between Bitcoin and the Dollar in El Salvador. Salvadorans went from 70% unbanked to having the option of using Bitcoin as money.

This novel situation comes with both, the challenge to onboard users, and the opportunity to learn from them for the benefit of the entire ecosystem – from protocol and application devs to entrepreneurs and investors.

A successful adoption of Bitcoin at this scale will be a historic milestone that could benefit both Salvadorans and the Bitcoin ecosystem for years to come, and serve as a blueprint for peoples that want to follow the footprint of Salvadorans.

Speakers include:

  • Aaron van Wirdum, Bitcoin Magazine
  • Adam Gibson, Developer, Joinmarket
  • Adam Soltys, Developer, Coinos Wallet
  • Adi Shankara, Founder, Summer of Bitcoin
  • Akin Fernandez, Founder, Azteco
  • Alan Jackson, Pursuing Freedom
  • Aljaz Ceru, Co-founder & CEO,
  • Allen Farrington, Writer and Investor
  • Ben Arc, Creator, LNBits
  • Vlad Costea, Bitcoin TakeOver (
  • Chris Hunter, Co-Founder, Galoy and Bitcoin Beach Wallet; Co-organizer of the Adopting Bitcoin Lightning Summit
  • Desiree Dickerson, CEO & Co-Founder, THNDR
  • Federico Tenga, R&D Strategist, Bitfinex, RGB Protocol
  • Francis Pouliot, Founder & CEO, Bull Bitcoin
  • Jeff Gallas, Fulmo
  • John Carvalho, CEO, Synonym
  • Obi Nwosu, Board Member, ₿Trust
  • Paolo Ardoino, CTO, Bitfinex
  • Peter Todd, Developer, OpenTimestamps, Bitcoin Core
  • Pierre Rochard, VP of Research, Riot
  • Samson Mow, CEO, JAN3
  • Stacy Herbert, Orange Pill Podcast


Adopting Bitcoin Day 1 – Galoy Stage

Adopting Bitcoin Day 1 – Bitfinex Stage

Adopting Bitcoin Day 2 – Galoy Stage

Adopting Bitcoin Day 2 – Bitfinex Stage

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