Local time: Timezone: (UTC) GMT (Edinburgh, London)Date: Oct 10 2024Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: TBA, London


Zebu Live 2024 – London Web3 & Crypto Conference

Zebu Live 2024, London’s leading Web3 festival, is an immersive two-day experience that showcases the people of the Web3 revolution.

The event will bring together as many Web3 industry perspectives as possible to work towards the goal of mainstream adoption of the tech.

It will feature 200+ change-making speakers from top Web3 brands globally, established traditional brands breaking into web3, and startups pushing the edge of innovation. They will speak on topics in the focus of digital assets and digital ownership including Crypto, DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, DAOs, and Gaming.

The main stage will be live-streamed to 10,000+ people worldwide through YouTube.

Zebu Live will host a diverse Web3-native audience of entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, developers, and institutional, retail, and VC investors., while also attracting and educating big Web2 native organizations, TradFi companies, and legacy brands and break down the barrier to enter web3.

Speakers TBA

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