Worldopo: Planet Earth – Your Playground!

Video games are many people’s way to recline and have some entertainment after a day of hard work. The population of mobile gamers in 2019 is closing in on 209.5 million and is on a sure path to becoming one of the most widespread recreational activities. According to recent statistics, at the slightest half of those are social gamers, only engaging in games that let them communicate and interact with other people.

No confusion that when Pokemon Go launched in 2016, it was one of the biggest gaming events to date. It delighted younger and older minds and forced people to leave their houses in search of digital monsters. With over seven hundred million downloads worldwide, it was a complete financial and cultural success. All that with a fundamentally flawed game. The majority of players got disappointed with Pokemon Go in just a few days. There are many reasons, but most glaring of the issues were lag, latency, cheaters and above all – no real interaction between players in the games ecosystem.

What Pokemon Go developers arranged – was astonishing from a technical standpoint. They established the augmented reality games on mobile devices with their revolutionary tracking systems but unfortunately weren’t ready for such an enormous amount of players, who had extremely high expectations. Recently there were more attempts at augmented reality mobile games, but all of them were still very limited. There necessitates being a system in place that will make sure such a global game is reliable, hack-proof and built on a robust foundation.

That’s why a group of Swiss and German software developers started to work on Worldopo – an augmented reality multiplayer strategy game that is built on the blockchain and geopositioning. They desire to eliminate the difficulties of modern multiplayer gaming and bring a new level of interaction over the table.

The proposition is as follows: players can buy real-life territories (Hexagons) and rent it out, build different types of buildings: like mining farms, power-plants, bars, and houses. All buildings produce revenue, can be upgraded or sold. The players will be able to band together, to finance big construction projects or purchase attractive areas, personally influencing the market economy of Worldopo.

Another exciting feature is, of course, the augmented reality. Through the camera of your phone, you can see your own and other player’s buildings, as they look in-game.

WPT (or Worldopo Token) is a cryptocurrency designed specifically for ease of use inside the game. WPT tokens can be used to purchase hexagons and buildings, participate in different auctions and events, purchase exclusive items and even place an AR-advertisements on buildings.

The existence of WPT token in the ecosystem entails the possibility of extracting real-world value out of the game. Worldopo is not only aiming to attract people with the fun gameplay and trustworthy platform, but also with the prospect of literally earning money while playing the game.

Gaming is an industry that blockchain is capable of remodeling. There will be many other games based on similar technology jumping up very soon, as the potential profits of mobile gaming are enormous.

Already willing to give Worldopo a try? Download the game right now and transfer planet earth to your playground!

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