World Supercomputer Summit 2023 — May 18, 2023

​The inaugural World Supercomputer Summit will take place the same week as EDCON 2023. Those who are passionte about the idea of Ethereum’s world computer that can’t be shut down – join us!

​Learn about how topologically heterogeneous p2p networks complement and offer Ethereum consensus boundless computation and storage power via zero knowledge proof.

​Featuring experts in verifiable compute, generative AI, zkML, etc.

​- EthStorage (Qi)
– Hyper Oracle (Kartin, Norman)
– Modulus Labs (Daniel)
– Morph Studio (HZ)
– Poseidon ZKP (Shumo)
– Privacy & Scaling Explorations Team (Ethereum Foundation)
– Worldcoin (DCBuilder)

Location: Podgorica, Montenegro

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