World Blockchain Hackathon Announces The Babylon Project Initiative

World Blockchain Hackathon, a 100% community funded global organization, has announced the date and details of their latest hackathon, a 3-day global virtual event that will attract more than 3000 hackers and contributions from 150 universities across 50 countries.

The Babylon Project aims to democratize access to global innovation utilizing blockchain as the underlying technology.
Babylon, from its history, is what many consider to be the cradle of civilization — the first time a complex societal structure came into existence by bringing together different people under one common vision.

The broad vision of the World Blockchain Hackathon is a future ecosystem in which blockchain innovations become the standard backbone for impenetrably secure, fast-moving, intelligent global technologies of all kinds, from private and public industries in finance, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and telecommunication, to government operations, national defense and beyond. The mission of the current Babylon Project is to bring together, engage, and empower blockchain builders of all skill levels across the globe to imagine and create new, never-before-seen blockchain end products.

The World Blockchain Hackathon series has been held for the past three years and is organized by Gideon Nweze, a San Francisco, CA-based blockchain enthusiast, and blockchain executive.

“Adding to the excitement and incentives at this year’s Babylon Project Hackathon is the strong potential for hackers’ innovations to attract venture capital funding. Silicon Valley venture capital firms such as Mindrock Capital and many others are actively participating in the judging process for the stated purpose of assessing a fresh crop of blockchain investments,” said Nweze.

The three day Babylon Project hackathon event kicks off on Friday, October 9th, and will operate 24 hours each day as is customary for hackathons. The Babylon Project by World Blockchain Hackathon will conclude with a judging and awards ceremony where winning teams will pitch and receive prices. Applications are currently open and will close by September 30, 2020.

The Babylon Project is a blockchain agnostic and community focused hackathon. For this reason, partnership is free and open to respected organizations that have an aligned vision.

Some of the early partners include Blockchain Acceleration Foundation, Africa Blockchain Institute, BitTemple, GVA Capital, InvestShow, Wiase Capital, UniDAO, Blockchain Center Miami, XR-Labs, Domineum, ChickTech, AIHUB, Village and many more, as listed on the website.

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