Win 1 ETH in Betting TestRun Starting on May 16

May 14, 2021

People like to bet as this makes sports much more interesting and exciting. However, most of today’s betting systems are built to work in favor of the system owner itself – the bookie. And this is our first motivation – to enable people to bet against each other – for real! Without a middle man! That means you can either bet against someone, or create bets and take the bookie’s role in your hands! We are sure you have some specific information that you can use for your benefit! are a team of crypto and betting enthusiasts, led by Miroslav Byrtus, solution architect and data scientist, and Benjamin Albrechts, a data science expert with extensive experience in finance. Accompanied by Richard Matuga, former SSV Jahn Regensburg professional football player, high-tech / crypto enthusiast and self-made millionaire, as well as Magdalena Winkler, a PhD researcher at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the team noticed that trustless systems which blockchain technologies are enabling could be used to build a fairer betting system.

Ultimately, it can eliminate the centralized bookie system that usually takes most of the profits.’s profits are exclusively wager-based, which means they take only a small portion of the total placement – 1% per transaction.

The team decided to go without short-cuts and used the Ethereum blockchain network as the basis for their system. There are 3 major reasons why they decided to do so:

  • It enables on-chain transactions via smart contracts,
  • It has a big community to support the future development of the network with all the scalability issues,
  • It allows for testing the usability and performance in a testnet with the community pre-release such as Ropsten, which is what they will use during the upcoming testrun (see more below).


You can experience the prototype here:
It requires you to have an ERC20 supportive wallet – currently Portis and MetaMask are supported.
We suggest you take a look at the Youtube channel where they provide some guidance videos for your headstart.
For all the release updates, infos, and support, we invite you to join a quickly growing Telegram Community:

THE TESTRUN with 1 ETH prize:

Sign up and test to get ready for the competition:
Get yourself some test Ropsten Test Ether (completely free!) which is the currency for the TestRun – yes, the test betting will NOT be conducted with real money, but rather with Ether that Ropsten developed to support early stage projects:

Follow in Telegram Community for all the details.