Local time: Timezone: (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, SydneyDate: Nov 16 2023Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: The Fullerton Hotel Sydney, Sydney, NSW


Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023

Wiki Finance Expo Sydney 2023 is the Australian chapter of the world’s leading financial exhibition and fintech conference brand, holding large summits annually in Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Bangkok to gather and connect global high-quality resources for exhibitors and participants.

The Wiki Expo attendees include enterprises, start-ups, project owners, investors and practitioners in the fields of blockchain, fintech and forex. In addition, we create thousands of cooperation opportunities for the industry every year.

Speakers include:

  • Loretta Joseph, Policy Consultant – The Commonwealth / Chairperson – ADFSAC
  • Simon Callaghan, CEO, Blockchain Australia
  • Justin Sun, Founder – TRON / Member of the Advisory Board – Huobi Global
  • John O’Loghlen, Country Director Australia, Coinbase
  • Belinda Agnew, Co-Partner, Xenabler
  • Dr. Yu Jianing, Principal, UWEB
  • Tobias Bauer, Partner, Blockchain Founders Fund
  • Jamie Coutts, Crypto Market Analyst, Bloomberg
  • Peter Xing, Co-founder, Transhumanism Australia
  • Pradeep Khanna, Executive Director, VR/AR Association
  • Dr. Cheney Tsoi, President, Asian Blockchain Society
  • Menexenia Tsaroucha, ESG expert, UBS
  • Rory Moore, Forbes 30 member, United Nations Youth Representative
  • Debarshi, Director, KPMG Singapore
  • Wen Kang Wong, Vice President, SBI Ven Capital Pte Ltd
  • Sonny Mohanty, CEO, ETERNALUS
  • Myrtle Anne, Founder and CEO, Block Tides
  • U-Zyn Chua, CTO & Co-Founder, Cake
  • Tamaz Tupuriia, Senior Partner, SINOFY
  • Hanis Harmiles, Founder, Reinvent DAO
  • Eric Alexandre, Creator & Founder, Jetcoin
  • Elijah Tan, Vice President,
  • Jyotimaya Mohanty, Founder & CEO, Neoin
  • Kevin Shao, Founder, Bitrise Capital
  • Ken Nizam, Founder & CEO | Forbes Council Member / AsiaTokenFund Group

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