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November 2022

IN PERSON   Zcash San Diego: Let’s Talk Democracy
🇺🇸 November 29, 2022  // Atlanta, GA, USA

ONLINE  Ethereum Engineering Group: DeDa — A Defi-enabled Data Marketplace for Personal Data Management
🇦🇺 November 30, 2022 // Brisbane, QL, Australia

ONLINE  Gold Coast Blockchain:  Web3 Storage – Metadata and Decentralised
🇦🇺 November 30, 2022 // Gold Coast, QL, Australia

VRJAM Announces The Initial Exchange Offering Of Its Revolutionary Metaverse Currency, Vrjam Coin

Bitpanda Receives Germany’s Most Comprehensive Crypto Licence

Zonda Slashes Maker/Taker Fees by 50% Across All Markets From November 22-29

WAHED Announces Strategic Partnership With The Creator’s Group

Tuition Coin Announces Teach to Earn on Cardano

BC.GAME’s World Cup Carnival Offers $2.1M and a Tesla in Prizes

Sensorium Teams Up With Polygon Studios To Accelerate The Development And Adoption Of Web3 Projects

Candy Club Integrates with OKC (OKX Chain) Ecosystem

Web3 Platform Angelo Prepares to Reimagine Physical Art Collection

Team Vitality, Tezos Launch V.Hive, Esports First Blockchain Support-To-Earn Mobile App

MarketAcross Joins Polkastarter Gaming & Web3 Stalwarts For Pioneering GAM3 Awards

Iconic Rebrands to Deutsche Digital Assets

WAHED Coin to Launch on LBank Exchange on December 5

APWine Finance Raises $2.6M to Build Most Efficient and Modular Interest Market in DeFi Announces It Will Make Its Merkle Tree Proof of Reserves Solution Open-Source

KuCoin Lists AirDAO’s $AMB Token with a $USDT Pair

MarginX, World’s First Community-Based Decentralized Exchange, Launches on Function X Blockchain

Former Meta and Pinterest Executive Joins Sequoia-Backed Decentralized Social (DeSo) as COO

Elrond Transforms Into MultiversX, Launches 3 New Metaverse Products

WeSleep Unveils its ‘Sleepie’ NFTs


ONLINE  Ocean Builders: Brainstem Digital Labs, Calica, Felt Labs, Krypton Labs
🇩🇪 December 2, 2022 // Berlin, Germany

IN PERSON ONLINE  ETH Warsaw: FTX Collapse — What happened & consequences
🇵🇱 November 30, 2022  // Warsaw, Poland

IN PERSON  BitDevs Amsterdam Socratic Seminar
🇳🇱 November 30,  2022 // Amsterdam, Netherlands

ONLINE  CryptoCanal: Crypto 101 – crypto & blockchain fundamentals
🇳🇱 November 30,  2022 // Amsterdam, Netherlands

IN PERSON  Vienna Digital Identity Meetup: Knowledge Gap
🇦🇹 November 30, 2022  // Vienna, Austria

ONLINE  BlockBeam Web3 Education: How to Get a Job in Bitcoin & Crypto with Pomp (Students Only)
🇺🇸 November 30, 2022  // New York, NY, USA

IN PERSON  BlockchainNFTCrypto Network: The State of Crypto Markets Post FTX
🇺🇸 November 30, 2022  // New York, NY, USA

IN PERSON  Atlanta BitDevs Socratic Seminar —  Special pumpkin-spice edition
🇺🇸 November 30, 2022  // Atlanta, GA, USA

IN PERSON  Tampa Bay Bitcoin Meetup w/Special Guest
🇺🇸 November 30, 2022 //  St. Petersburg, FL, USA


December 2022

ONLINE  Crypto Valley Association: Blockchain Venture Capital & State of Crypto Funds
🇨🇭 December 1, 2022  // Zug, Switzerland

IN PERSON  Swiss Crypto Collective: CBDC initiatives in CH & EU feat. Stefano Ferrazzini of e.foresight by Swisscom
🇨🇭 December 1, 2022  // Zürich, Switzerland

IN PERSON  NWC10Lab: DESARROLLO BLOCKCHAIN WEB3 – 60º Almuerzo Súper Pioneros
🇪🇸  December 1, 2022 // Madrid, Spain

ONLINE  Chainalysis: Intro Into Storyline — Understand, Investigate, Communicate DeFi Transactions (Part 2)
🇺🇸 December 1, 2022 //  New York, NY, USA

ONLINE  Blockworks Webinars: Overcoming Challenges in Digital Asset Intelligence and Portfolio Management
🇺🇸 December 1, 2022 //  New York, NY, USA

IN PERSON  Swiss Trading & Investing: The Lightning Network ⚡ Magic Internet Money in association with Swissquote
🇨🇭 December 1, 2022  // Zürich, Switzerland

IN PERSON  Chainlink Madrid: Aprendiendo Solidity en redes Layer 2: Optimism y Arbitrum
🇪🇸  December 1, 2022 // Madrid, Spain

IN PERSON   Buenos Aires Bitcoin Meetup: Bitcoin NFT & Bitcoin DeFi w/ Sovryn Zero
🇦🇷 December 1, 2022 //  Buenos Aires, Argentina

IN PERSON  Business & Web3: Building Web3 Businesses in Detroit
🇺🇸 December 1, 2022  // Detroit, MI, USA

IN PERSON  Bitcoin Atlanta: Un-FTX-ing Crypto with Edge CEO Paul Puey
🇺🇸 December 1, 2022  // Atlanta, GA, USA

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