Webinars & Workshops

January 2021

ONLINE  Longhash Ventures: Algorand Asia Accelerator Demo Day
January 22, 2021 // Singapore

ONLINE  We Are Fintech: Fintech Marketing – Ethical Hacks to Accelerate the Growth of Your Brand @Speed
January 22, 2021 // London. UK

PHYSICAL  Austin Bitcoin Developers Socratic Seminar
January 22, 2021 // Austin, TX, USA

ONLINE  2nd Global Bitcoin Meetup
January 23, 2021 // Sydney, Hong Kong, Thessaloniki, Toronto

ONLINE  JavaScript DC : ICO & STO Asset Tokenization Using Blockchain Technology in the Finance Industry
January 23, 2021 // Washington DC, USA

ONLINE  Hyperledger Toronto: Comprehensive Review of Asset Tokenization in the Finance Industry
January 23, 2021 // Toronto, Canada

ONLINE  The Bitcoin Bay: Learn About Exchanges
January 23, 2021 // Toronto, Canada

ONLINE  OC Bitcoin Network: Thank God for Bitcoin Book Club with Bitcoin Is_! (Monday Night Bitcoin)
January 25, 2021 // Anaheim, CA, USA

ONLINE  Silicon Valley Fintech Meetup: Defi in the Age of ETH 2.0
January 26, 2021 // Palo Alto, CA, USA

ONLINE  Rise London: Post-Pandemic World and Purpose-Driven Banking
January 27, 2021 // London. UK

ONLINE  Virtual Enterprise Ethereum Alliance London Meetup w/ Conor Svensson, Co-Founder of Baseline Protocol
January 27, 2021 // London, UK

ONLINE  Hyperledger In-Depth: An hour with ConsenSys on What is Ethereum for the Hyperledger Community?
January 27, 2021 // San Francisco, USA

ONLINE  Crypto Valley Entrepreneurs: How to successfully build and develop a company – and how to raise funds
January 28, 2021 // Zug, Switzerland

ONLINE  Government Blockchain Association: Blockchain & Voting
January 28, 2021 // Washington, DC, USA

ONLINE  Austin Ethereum Meetup: Dive Into DeFi #3 – Liquidity Mining
January 28, 2021 // Austin, TX, USA

PHYSICAL  BitDevs South Florida Socratic Seminar
January 28, 2021 // Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

PHYSICAL  SF Bitcoin & Blockchain Social: Compliance For Privacy Coins With Justin Ehrenhofer
January 28, 2021 // San Francisco, USA

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