Web3 Security Conference 2023 – October 4, 2023

Web3 Security Conference is an inspiring gathering of world experts, ready to discuss the challenges and rising importance of Web3 Security.

Speakers will explore some of the biggest crypto exploits, discuss chain security, smart contracts, auditing, monitoring, wallet protection, how to identify vulnerabilities and more.

Meet the founders, advisors and researches of leading security projects.  Get ready to collaborate on the next generation of Web3 security.

Speakers include:

  • Anton Astafiev, Head of Security, MatterLabs (zkSync)
  • Dmytro Budorin, CEO, Hacken
  • Irene WU, Head of Strategy, LayerZero
  • Jack, COO, Avascan
  • Pietro Carta, Blockchain Security Engineer, ChainSecurity
  • Gal Sagie, CEO, Hypernative
  • Alessandro Raboni, Head of Growth, Transak
  • Jacob Senftinger, General Counsel, BrainBot
  • Bogdan Lazurenko, BD Officer, Blaize
  • George Paliani, CBDO, GetBlock
  • Andrea Marsilli, President, Bocconi Blockchain
  • Moshe Malawach, Founder,
  • Domantas Pelaitis, CTO, Lossless
  • Michael Rosmer, Co-Founder, De.Fi
  • Meir Dolev, Founder & CTO, Cyvers
  • Dmytro Matviiv, Founder – HackenProof
  • Damian Rusinek, Co-Founder, Composable Security
  • Adrian Hetman, Tech Lead , ImmuneFi
  • Oren Fine, Co-Founder, SphereX
  • Hartej Sawhney, CEO, Zokyo

Venue: Hotel nhow Milano
Milan, Italy


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