Web3 Delight Riyadh 2023 — March 6, 2023

Web3 Delight Riyadh is uniting both global and local Web3 players to paint the art of possible and facilitate co-operation opportunities towards enhancing the digital transformation ecosystem.

Speakers include:

  • Paul Lalovich, Partner, Agile Dynamics
  • Christopher Page, Chief Investment Officer, Synthetic Equity
  • Amine Nedjai, CEO, ABO Digital
  • Mohammed AlHashmi, CEO & Co-Founder, Islamic Coin
  • Miriam Kiwan, Web3 Advisory & Ecosystem Development, BlackOak Global
  • Abdulmohsen Alfaraj, CEO & Co-Founder, Everything Blockchain
  • Saad Sameer Abujubara, Partner, Impact Partners Management Consulting
  • Mirko Maccarrone, Director of WEB3 Marketing Technology, LIGHTBLUE
  • John Lilic, Investor & Product Development Advisor, Polygon
  • Hunter Riedel, Business Development Manager, BNB Chain


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