Vertex Events Announces Its Fourth Grand Blockchain Event at Grand Hyatt Dubai

Vertex Events announced the final dates and venue of the 4th Blockchain Dubai Summit, a three-day gathering of senior decision-makers discussing the impact of blockchain and associated technologies on financial services.

Held at Grand Hyatt Dubai on February 15-17, 2022, Blockchain Dubai Summit brings together a carefully curated agenda of industry’s leading voices to discuss and accelerate the development of blockchain technologies, DeFi, NTF, GameFi, and Metaverse.

“We are expecting projects, speakers, distinguished guests, sponsors and visitors from Europe, Asia Middle East, Africa, Russia, China and USA,” said Vertex Events CEO Mr. Pushkin Agha. “This is due to the importance of Dubai in the Crypto world, and the reputation that Blockchain Dubai has acquires during the past years.”

During 2020, Vertex Events organized three Blockchain events featuring renowned international blockchain experts and projects and sponsors, including TDeFi, Lukka, Lbank and Cashaa among others, and developed a unique network and recognition in the crypto world, globally.

It was the passion for bringing people together and building communities, which prompted Pushkin Agha to make a foray into events and set up Vertex Events in Dubai. During his 20 years in the Middle East, he has organized hundreds of events throughout his career in the region.

Elaborating further on the current series of blockchain events, Pushkin Agha said:

“It’s the need of hour, and Dubai is a natural choice for many blockchain whales, and projects. With no income or company tax, cutting edge infrastructure, and crypto friendly policies, Dubai will definitely emerge as the crypto capital of the world. Vertex wants play its role in contributing to manifesting that vision.”

The lead sponsor of the event is Majestic Coin, which is the leading platform from USA founded Solomon Mwamba.

The highlight of the Blockchain Dubai Summit 2022 is NoorNFT and Art Show – a collaborative venture between HiiZone FZ LLC UAE and Arthur J Goldman UK.

It is being built to be an augmented marketplace for the NFT minting, sale and resale for high value art investments on the robust Cardano blockchain. At the launch stage, it will feature ArtNoor’s NFTs and physical assets. More NFTs of many other prominent artists will be added over coming months after the selection, minting and curation process.

Speaking of the other upcoming events in 2022, Mr. Pushkin Agha hinted at more events all over Middle East.

“We have intentions and big plans but prefer to take one event at a time. This gives us the focus to make the one at hand a big success,” he said.

Agenda for Blockchain Dubai:

15th February – Press Conference at EXPO 2020 Dubai.
16th – 17th February – Summit at Grand Hyatt Dubai, UAE.
16th February – NOORNFT + ART SHOW & Gala Dinner at Grand Hyatt Dubai

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