Trustee – A Bitcoin Wallet Of New Generation That is Always At Your Service

Let us introduce you to Trustee – a non-custodial mobile Bitcoin exchange wallet. You get 100% control over your assets without involvement of third parties simply by writing down a seed phrase. Moreover, it is protected from any attacks and no one else can get access to your account if you don’t want that!

We are proud to provide our users with absolute anonymity: registration process is simply absent, because you don’t need to provide your full name or any other details!

To remain a number one crypto wallet, Trustee offers users a variety of goodies:

  • Smart-algorithm that automatically chooses providers with the best trading rate. This means that any time you want to exchange crypto on fiat you can do it at the best rates.
  • Generous cashback. You will earn 10% for every commission of the invited friend. Once you bring 5 friends, you will additionally get a 10% cashback from your own commissions!
  • Open code on GitHub. If you are a developer, you can get familiar with Trustee’s code and to be sure that it is completely reliable. Moreover, you can always offer improvements.

Trustee is a perfect wallet to buy and sell cryptocurrency from any Visa/ MasterCard account (started from 0,2%). With us all your transactions will be speedy and secure, and trading will become a real pleasure!

If you are a sophisticated trader and want more, we can offer support of several wallets, speedy transactions and of course a user-friendly interface that will make trading simple and convenient.

Any time you want to ask us a question or to get clarifications, we will be here. Our experienced support team solves any arising problems quickly and efficiently.

We love our users that is why we improve our wallet day-by-day, offering only the safest and up-to-date solutions for traders across the world.