Bitcoin Privacy Nashville @ Bitcoin 2024

Nashville, TN

​Come join Bitcoin Privacy Nashville @ Bitcoin 2024, drink some ‘shine and chat all things privacy with a diverse group of users including hacktivists, developers, and power users. Discussion topics: ​- atomic swaps – non-kyc – DEXs – coinjoins – general opsec – blockchain surveillance and counter-surveillance – private lightning and node solutions – new […]

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Shielding Summit @ EthCC 7 Brussels


​​Shielding Summit @ EthCC 7 Brussels is pushing the frontiers of privacy in Web3. Join the community of founders, builders, & policy advocates advancing the future of privacy, data protection, & public goods funding. Discover the latest tech and meet the community of founders, builders, and policy advocates advancing the future of privacy, data protection, and public goods funding in decentralized […]

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PubKey Bitcoin Meetup – The Bitcoin Archivists with Aaron van Wirdum and Pete Rizzo

New York City

Join the PubKey Bitcoin Meetup to dive deep into THE ARCHIVES and uncover stories and hidden bits of knowledge from two of the most revered historians in bitcoin. How will we preserve the history of bitcoin for future generations, so that they will understand the origins, the whys, and what it meant to be a […]

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DeCC Day @ EthCC 7 Brussels


DeCC Day @ EthCC 7 Brussels is the next event in the massively successful series focused on bringing builders, founders, thought leaders, and community together from across the web3 universe to build the foundations of a secure web3, unlock innovation, and make real-world adoption of blockchain a reality. ​DeCC Day is an event filled with […]

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Privacy Reunion 3

La Chaux-de-Fonds

Get ready for Privacy Reunion 3! Join us on the 27th June 2024 to dive into the world of cryptography and on-chain privacy. For this edition, Privacy Reunion is back in Switzerland in the stunning Théâtre De L’Heure Bleue, a theatre of national importance in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Neuchâtel). ​Here you’ll connect with a vibrant community […]

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Bitcoin & Open Blockchain San Diego – ZCash and ECC: Building the Future of Privacy

San Diego, CA

Are you passionate about digital privacy and the future of cryptocurrency? Join us for an exclusive Bitcoin and Open Blockchain San Diego meetup, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to hear from five key members of the Electric Coin Company (ECC) team! ECC is one of the main driving forces behind Zcash, a cryptocurrency designed to provide […]

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PubKey Bitcoin Meetup – The Privacy Trials: Impacts of the Samourai, Bitcoin Fog and Tornado Cash cases

New York City

🌟 PubKey Bitcoin Meetup – The Privacy Trials We’ll be discussing the Samourai, Bitcoin Fog, and Tornado Cash cases and how this potentially impacts bitcoin users downstream. Our guests for the event, Frank Corva and Jeremy Poley, were both in the courtroom for the first hearing in the Samourai case and have been in touch with lawyers familiar […]

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MoneroTopia 2024

Mexico City

You are about to enter MoneroTopia 2024. Bring Monero, because that is how you will live at the conference for four days – among local Mexico City XMR accepting vendors. Speakers include: Francisco “ArticMine” Cabañas, Monero Core Team Member, XMR Scaling Expert Luke Parker, Lead Developer, SeraiDEX Justin Berman, Implementing Seraphis & Jamtis, Monero Contributor […]

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Bitcoin Barcelona – ¿Qué es esto de Bitcoin? Bitcoin para novatos, desde cero


🌟 Bitcoin Barcelona – ¿Qué es esto de Bitcoin? Bitcoin para novatos, desde cero Este meetup está pensado para las personas que habitualmente no vienen a nuestros meetups. Está pensado para que los bitcoiners habituales puedan acompañar a su hermano, pareja, vecino o amigo para que aprendan de cero que es esto que nos tiene […]

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Bitcoin Barcelona TALLER PRÁCTICO – Privacidad en Bitcoin [4a edición] ₿ / $


🌟 Bitcoin Barcelona TALLER PRÁCTICO – Privacidad en Bitcoin [2a edición] En este taller vas a aprender: Introducción a la Privacidad: Comprende la importancia de proteger tus activos y conceptos fundamentales. Herramientas para operar de forma segura. Transacciones en Profundidad: Dominarás cómo interpretar diferentes transacciones y gastar Bitcoin de forma segura. Explorando CoinJoin: Aprenderás sobre […]

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Monero Meetup Barcelona – Introduction to Privacy & XMR


Monero Meetup Barcelona – Introduction to Privacy & XMR. Welcome to the first Monero Meetup in Barcelona! 🌟 This event is all about bringing together Monero enthusiasts, newcomers, and privacy advocates to explore the significance of privacy, learn about Monero (XMR), and connect with like-minded individuals. Plus, enjoy some delicious tapas 🍢 and drinks 🍹 on […]

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Privacy Reunion 2


Join us for the second edition of Privacy Reunion in the vibrant city of Barcelona! The perfect escape retreat for those who believe privacy will take over! This interactive event aims to reshape the narrative surrounding privacy and underscore the empowering nature of privacy tools. Enter the labyrinth of privacy where developers, researchers, investors, advocates […]

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Monero Konferenco 2024 20% Off


Monero Konferenco 2024 is a meeting of privacy advocates, cypherpunks, scientists, and philosophers and is designed to disseminate scientific and technical results in privacy and financial technologies like censorship-resistant digital cash. The annual event is funded by generous donations from the Monero community and support from sponsors. Come participate in discussions, make a proposal, and […]

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HardFork Web3 Meetup #7 — Decentralized AI & Blockchain Privacy


HardFork Web3 Meetup invites everyone interested in Web3 and blockchain topics from a programming and business perspective!  Let’s learn together about decentralized AI and blockchain privacy. 🔈Speakers: 👉 Szymon Paluch – Decentralized AI: Powering ML with Golem Network Web3 Thought-leader and Strategic Consultant | Investor, Mentor, Innovator What you can expect?: The keynote will discuss the current […]

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Finney Forum 2024

Dallas, TX

The realm of cryptocurrency is set to converge with the frontiers of privacy and cybersecurity at the groundbreaking Finney Forum 2024, scheduled for March 15-16, 2024, at the NYLO Las Colinas Hotel in Dallas, Texas. This forum, named in tribute to Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, stands as a monument of innovation, resilience, and visionary exploration […]

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ETHDam 2024 10% Off


ETHDam 2024 is an annual conference and hackathon gathering the best Privacy and Security builders in Amsterdam. ETHDam is powered by CryptoCanal, an education and events platform growing in Amsterdam, spreading its roots to Rotterdam and Zurich. Speakers include: Dr. Miguel Prada, Co-Founder, Diva Staking gmhacker, Smart Contract Security, Immunefi CvH, Security Director, Polygon Tadeo, […]

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Web3Privacy Now: Community 1st — October 5, 2023

Web3Privacy Now: Community 1st aims to facilitate a collaborative culture between privacy ecosystem leaders, developers, philosophers, activists, event managers, researchers and marketing. ​The privacy community is highly scattered around continents, protocols & beliefs. Some human rights advocates are into selective privacy, while others – are into anonymity. Such polarities make collaboration challenging: how we make the […]

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