Local time: Timezone: (UTC+03:00) IstanbulDate: Nov 10 2023Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent, Istanbul


The Staking Summit 2023

Welcome to the Staking Summit 2023 to learn, collaborate, and network with the entire staking industry – from Validators, Protocols, Institutions, and everyone else working on PoS blockchain infrastructure.

Unlimited PoS Connections. A highly-targeted, curated audience of 1000+ Proof of Stake contributors.

Speakers include:

  • Martin Köppelmann, Co-Founder and CEO, Gnosis
  • Anton Bukov, Co-Founder, 1inch
  • Mara Schmiedt, CEO, Alluvial
  • Alison Mangiero, Executive Director, Proof of Stake Alliance
  • Michael Kong, CEO, Fantom
  • Preston Van Loon, Ethereum Protocol Developer, Offchain Labs
  • Guillaume Chatain, Head of EMEA & APAC Sales, Coinbase
  • Chandler Song, Co-Founder & CEO, Ankr
  • Collin Myers, Founder & CEO, Obol Network
  • Konstantin Lomashuk, Founder, P2P Validator
  • Jim McDonald, Co-founder & CTO, Attestant
  • Lorien Gabel, Co-Founder & CEO, Figment
  • Mirko Schmiedl, CEO, Staking Rewards
  • Michael Gauckler, CPO, Bitcoin Suisse
  • Tomasz Kajetan Stańczak, Founder, Nethermind
  • Matthieu Saint Olive, Senior Product Lead Staking, ConsenSys
  • Praneeth Srikanti, Co-Founder, Ethereal Ventures
  • Michael P O’Rourke, Co-founder & CEO, Pocket Network
  • Ganesh Swami, CEO, Covalent
  • Julius Schmidt, CEO & Co-Founder, Staking Facilities
  • Laszlo Szabo, Co-founder & CEO, Kiln
  • Barney Mannerings, Founder, Vega Protocol
  • Pol Lanski, COO, Dappnode
  • Hugh Karp, Founder, Nexus Mutual

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