TBA 2020 | The Bitcoin Reformation

For the first time in Belgium and neighboring countries, The Bitcoin Reformation will offer an industry-wide platform for a discussion on the merits and challenges of Bitcoin and digital assets in general. It’s the event the Benelux has been waiting for, featuring speakers from across Europe and beyond.


Vlaamsekaai 81/83, 2000
Antwerp, Belgium

The conference is organized by the Vires in Numeris Foundation, a private independent organization founded to spread the word about digital assets, and the future of money. It will attract a broad audience including investors, bankers, researchers, students, regulators, industry experts, financial institutions and more.

Over 30 speakers from varying backgrounds will debate the cornerstones of Bitcoin’s social contract: the need for hard money, privacy, and decentralization.

Speakers include:

  • Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Developer, Educator & Entrepreneur
  • Dan Held, Director Business Development at Kraken
  • Bruno Colmant, CEO at Bank Degroof Petercam
  • Jan Vergote, Head of Investment Strategy at Belfius
  • Alena Vranova, Co-founder Trezor
  • Naomi Brockwell, Award-Winning Producer And MC
  • Hasu, Bitcoin Developer, Educator & Entrepreneur
  • Whalepanda, Bitcoin Analyst & Angel Investor
  • Sam Wouters, Bitcoin Developer, Educator & Entrepreneur
  • Jean-Luc Verhelst, Author of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Beyond (2017)
  • Aaron van Wirdum, Technical Editor at Bitcoin Magazine
  • Stepan Snigirev, Bitcoin Developer
  • Stephan Livera, Bitcoin podcast host

Web-site: thebitcoinreformation.com

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