Atlanta Bitcoin Conference (TABConf) 2022 — October 13-15, 2022

TAB Conf 2022

TABConf (The Atlanta Bitcoin Conference) is a primarily Bitcoin and Lightning Network-focused event focusing on quality content, and challenging attendees to learn new things and get started towards Bitcoin blockchain.

Speakers include:

  • Pieter Wuille, Bitcoin Core Contributor, Chaincode Labs
  • Andrew Chow, Bitcoin Core Contributor, Blockstream
  • Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Educator
  • Matt Corallo, Bitcoin Core Contributor / LDK; Square Crypto
  • Murch, Bitcoin Core Contributor, Chaincode / Bitcoin StackExchange
  • Caralie Chrisco, People Operations Manger, Chaincode Labs
  • Andrew Poelstra, Director of Research, Blockstream
  • Alex Bosworth, Lightning Infrastructure Lead, Lightning Labs
  • Lisa Neigut, Sr. Software Engineer, Blockstream
  • Ben Carman, Developer, SuredBits
  • Dread, International Bitcoin Advocate, OneLoveBitcoin Podcast
  • Nic Carter, Founding Partner, Castle Island Ventures
  • Rachel Rybarczyk, VP of Mining, Galaxy Digital
  • Ben Price, Founder, OpenSats
  • Peter Todd, Consultant, OpenTimestamps
  • Mike Schmidt, Co-Founder & Director of Programs, Brink
  • Paul Sztorc, Bitcoin Researcher, Drivechain /
  • Stephan Livera, Bitcoin Podcaster
  • Justine Harper, VP, Concierges, Unchained Capital
  • André Neves, CTO, ZEBEDEE
  • Stephen Pair, Co-Founder & CEO, BitPay
  • Alek Svetski, Amber
  • Andrew Yang, Client Advisor, Casa
  • Will Reeves, Co-Founder & CEO, Fold
  • Paul Puey, Co-Founder & CEO, Edge Wallet
  • Matt Hill, Co-Founder & CEO, Start9
  • Keto Miner, Cofounder, nodl
  • Simon Cowell, Co-Founder & CEO, ZEBEDEE
  • Travis Ball, Educator, Bitcoin EDU
  • Corey Marshall, Writer/Comedian, Black Bitcoin Billionaires
  • Justin Wales, First Amendment Bitcoin Lawyer, K&L Gates
  • Zack Shapiro, Attorney, Venture Counsel
  • Peter Yang, Managing Director, Fenbushi Capital
  • Oleg Mikhalsky, Partner, Fulgur Ventures


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