Sustainable Blockchain Summit LATAM 2022 — October 12, 2022

Sustainable Blockchain Summit LATAM

The Sustainable Blockchain Summit (SBS) by Protocol Labs seeks to catalyze projects that will better align the global economy with the natural world, and broaden the scope of our ambitions to encompass all planetary boundaries required to keep our world habitable.

Join the world’s premiere forum at the intersection of web3 and the biosphere and help us solve these problems together.

Speakers include:

  • Delton Chen, PhD, Founder and Project Director, Global Carbon Reward
  • Juan Benet, Founder and CEO, Protocol Labs
  • Kevin Owocki, Founder, Gitcoin
  • John X, Co-founder, Head of Ecosystem, Toucan Protocol
  • Gregory Landua, CEO, Regen Network Development Inc.
  • Eloisa Cadenas, CEO, Cryptofintech
  • Natacha Rousseau, Director of Comms & Climate Tech, KlimaDAO
  • Tom Herman, CEO, Meta Carbon
  • Phil Fogel, Chief Blockchain Officer, Flowcarbon
  • Alan Ransil, PhD, Project Lead, Filecoin Green

Venue: El Museo del Chicó
Bogota, Colombia


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