Sustainable Blockchain Summit EU 2022 — July 22-23, 2022

Sustainable Blockchain Summit EU

Hosted by Protocol Labs, the Sustainable Blockchain Summit comes to Paris, France for two full days of expert talks, workshops, and deep dives.

The event will welcome 350+ attendees from across the world ranging from large enterprise software companies to startups, policymakers, NGOs and open source contributors; all interested in developing and building greener blockchain solutions.

Speakers include:

  • Juan Benet, Founder & CEO, Protocol Labs
  • Almudena de la Mata, Managing Director, Blockchain Intelligence
  • Olya Irzak, Founder & CEO, Frost Methane
  • Kevin Owocki, Founder,
  • Lucia Gallardo, Founder & CEO, Emerge
  • Alex Paris, Technical Officer – MDU, UN Climate Change
  • Austin Federa, Head of Communications, Solana


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