SolidProof Introduces KYC and Audit Services for DeFi projects

Handewitt, Germany — December 10, 2021 — SolidProof, a German-based blockchain auditing company, has finalized the development of its auto audit tool and plans to launch the solution soon.

Dubbed the SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), the product is designed to streamline and speed up the entire smart contract auditing process.

Retail and institutional adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) is growing at a stunning rate. However, rampant hacks, scams, and other security breaches targeting DeFi protocols threaten to derail the success of the budding sector. SAAT aims to help blockchain projects enhance the safety and quality of their code by combating developer incompetence.

The platform’s services will ultimately reduce significant vulnerabilities inherent in cryptographic tokens and blockchain tech. Furthermore, the auto tool will be the focal point of all audit-related services offered by SolidProof, helping the firm produce a reliable and convenient automated analysis of DeFi codes.

How the Automated Audit Solution Works

SAAT utilizes pre-installed parameters to sniff out bugs, errors, and inefficiencies embedded in any DeFi project’s smart contract. By automating the entire code review process, the experienced SolidProof team can deliver timely, accurate, and transparent audit reports devoid of human error.

The automation of audits also enables SolidProof to analyze highly complex smart contracts that would be almost impossible to review manually, boosting the security of DeFi projects.

Upon completing the autonomous review process, SolidProof auditors present the dev team with an audit report that classifies the existing vulnerabilities according to their severity (Critical, Medium, and Low).

The auditors then offer recommendations to remedy all loose ends or system inefficiencies. They then work hand in hand with the project backers to fix the identified bugs before producing a final audit report and certificate that proves the project is safe for mainstream use.

The imminent SolidProof auto tool promises to be a pivotal service for blockchain projects looking to uncover hard-to-find vulnerabilities and bring certainty to their smart contract. The product will be instrumental in promoting the safety of DeFi projects and establishing trust among their clients.

The SolidProof team recently integrated a placeholder for the auto tool. The placeholder enables Launchpads such as Unicrypt to embed the easy-to-use SAAT on their website, making it instantly accessible to clients. The move makes it easier for DeFi projects hosting their presale on the platform to fulfill their audit obligations with a few clicks before listing their token.

SolidProof Brings Trust Made in Germany

SolidProof strives to become a leading provider of DeFi auditing solutions by combining world-class auto-tests with manual code reviews from a team of passionate blockchain security experts.

The German-based security firm allows DeFi investors to feel secure by empowering emerging ventures to identify and close any loopholes that can be exploited by hackers. SolidProof’s customized solution also offers KYC scanning services that look into customers’ transactional data to identify any fraud, money laundering, or terrorist financing risks.

To foster additional transparency in DeFi, the blockchain security firm posts all the latest audit results on their website and social media channels. Projects operating within the DeFi space can send a non-binding request to the audit team and get a personalized and reasonable quote.

Developers can discover how they can leverage the audit firm’s security solutions to boost investors’ confidence on the SolidProof website. To connect with the SolidProof community and learn more on how the firm revamps the security of DeFi smart contracts, check out the social media handles below:

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