December 7, 2019 | Serbian Blockchain Summit 2.0

Serbian Blockchain Summit is the largest blockchain for business conference in Serbia and a must-attend event where blockchain developers, experts, leaders and enthusiasts meet to share latest developments, news, and promote their accomplishments in front of very diverse audience.

Faculty of Economics
University of Belgrade

Main Conference Events:

Main Blockchain Event – main conference area where most speakers will speak about various blockchain solutions, projects and where panel discussions will take place. It is situated in amphitheatre A1

Blockchain Legal Workshop – Specialized full-day workshop for legal professionals. It tackles latest blockchain and DLT regulatory solutions, initiatives and future trends.

Blockchain Developer Workshop – Progammer’s delight in form of hands-on workshops where they can learn on how to work on several different blockchain platforms, from some basic steps to more advanced programming.

Speakers include:

Nemanja Jovanović, ​Attorney at Law
Szabolcs Hargittay, Chief Legal Officer, Everprove
Vuk Kosovac, Head of Retail, ​Societe Generale Bank RS
Stefania Barbaglio, CEO, ​Cassiopeia Services
Aleksandar Matanović, CEO, Electronic Currency District
Daniel Dabek, CEO, Balkaneum
Jonathan Galea, ​Managing Directory, ​Blockchain Advisory
Fabien ​Aufrechter, Head of Blockchain Dept., Havas Group
Vit Jedlička, President, Free Republic of Liberland


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