April 29-30, 2020 | Reset Everything

It’s time to reset collaboration, the economy, the environment, our health, our way of living, our future. It’s time to RESET EVERYTHING.


We’re currently seeing massive devastation around the world to healthcare systems, employment, economies, and ultimately, lives. Now is not the time for business as usual. The unique times in which we live are testing humanity in ways which may only compare to the great wars of the last century.

In a post-covid world, the foundations of society as we know them will go through a profound transformation. A change which at this point, can no longer be undone. The cat’s out of the bag.

In these challenging times, we have a massive opportunity to emerge stronger from this crisis. We can choose a path for our future. It’s time we hit the RESET button.

RESET Health & Wellness
RESET Media & Journalism
RESET Money & Economics
RESET Tech & Privacy
RESET Politics & Governance
RESET Work & Collaboration

Speakers include:

  • Amesh Adalja, MD, Senior Scholar, John Hopkins Center for Health Security
  • Azeem Azhar, Founder, Exponential View
  • Soona Amhaz, General Partner, Volt Capital
  • Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director of the Hyperledger Project, Linux Foundation
  • Anna Gát, Founder, The InterIntellect
  • Harry Halpin, CEO Nym
  • Ryan Selkis, Founder & CEO, Messari
  • Genese Herzberg, Executive Director, Sage Institute for Psychedelic Therapy

Web-site: reseteverything.events