PyChain 2022 — November 15, 2022

PyChain 2022

PyChain is the first ever blockchain conference made for the Python language ecosystem and related software development technologies.

As an inaugural event, PyChain is a unique one-day free virtual event for Python and blockchain developers to share ideas and learn from each other. Over the course of the full day, attendees will have the opportunity to attend live keynotes, talks and networking sessions.

Key topics:

  • Multiple chains and L2
  • Web3, smart contract development
  • Blockchain core development
  • APIs and design patterns
  • Trading automation, bots
  • Quantitative finance and AI
  • Security and testing

Python is the de facto programming language of finance industry, security and testing. PyChain follows the 25 year history of high quality Python community events, bringing software developers together to share best practices.

PyChain is hosted and organised by Trading Strategy, a next-generation algorithmic trading protocol for decentralised markets. Coming from a Pythonic-blockchain background, the team behind Trading Strategy created PyChain to build a bridge between like minded Python and blockchain developers.

Speakers include:

  • Federico Cardoso, Engineering Lead, Hummingbot
  • Troy Sargent, Security Engineer, Trail of Bits
  • Andrei Băncioiu, Software Engineer, Elrond
  • Marc Garreau, Ethereum Foundation
  • Harsh Rajat, Founder, Push Protocol
  • Dennis Huismann, Developer Relations Engineer, NEAR Protocol
  • Mikko Ohtamaa, CEO & Co-founder, Trading Strategy
  • Ryan Sudhakaran, Software Engineer, Messari
  • Eric Zietlow, Developer Advocate, Chia Network
  • Patrick Collins, Developer Advocate, Chainlink Labs
  • Ivy Fung, Vice President, Women In Blockchain Asia (WIBA)
  • Marek Hakala, Senior Data Engineer, Parity Technologies
  • Mayukha Vadari, Software Engineer, Ripple Labs
  • Kumar Anirudha, Developer Advocate, IOTA Foundation