Prague DeFi Summit 2023 — June 6-8, 2023

Prague DeFi Summit represents an opportunity for all the industry titans, as well as the up and coming projects to come together, connect and discuss the course of action that will inevitably influence the fate of DeFi.

The first section of the event is dedicated to establishing relationships and evaluating the current position of DeFi vs TradFi. As the legendary ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu teaches, first you have to gain a deep understanding of yourself and your enemy before you can decide if, how and when you want to wage a war.

The second section of the event is dedicated to something that hasn’t been done in DeFi before.

Prague DeFi Summit will host a live roundtable discussion that includes community-elected DeFi ambassadors who will be responsible for drawing up, negotiating, and announcing a War Plan based on community feedback and discussions.

This event is part of the Prague Blockchain Week 2023.

Speakers include:

  • Julien Bouteloup, Stake Capital Group
  • Radek Svarz, Alzheimerchain
  • Sasha Tanase, WEB3UX
  • Marc Zeller, Aave
  • Naim Ashhab, PWN
  • Rosco Kalis, Revoke Cash
  • Anna George, CowSwap
  • Will Harborne, Rhino Fi

Venue: Paralelní Polis
Prague, Czech Republic


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