Pizza Day Prague 2023 — May 20-21, 2023

Pizza Day Prague aims to bridge the atmosphere of Bitcoin’s early days to the present by creating an open space for discussion and inspiration without political or economical dogmas.

Come to learn about using Bitcoin in your business or personal finances, the background of the cypherpunk and the current cryptoanarchy subculture, as well as to discuss sustainability, long-term effectiveness, and their limitations.

Speakers include:

  • Sergej Kotliar, CEO & Founder, Bitrefill
  • Eric Wall, Cryptocurrency researcher & Investor
  • Ben Arc, Bitcoin hobbyist, educator & enthusiast
  • Openoms, Building tools for Security, Privacy, and Freedom
  • Elsirion, Crypto-anarchist & Aspiring cypherpunk
  • Anita Posch, Bitcoin educator, author & founder of “Bitcoin for Fairness”
  • Sjors Provoost, Author & Bitcoin Core Contributor
  • Rigel Walshe, Software developer at Swan Bitcoin
  • exiledsurfer, Open Resorcerer
  • Tim Akinbo, Bitcoin developer & Organizer of QalaAfrica
  • Mário Havel, Hacker, Co-Founder of Bordel Hackerspace & Pizza Day PRG
  • Christian Lewe, Engineer at Blockstream

Venue: Paralelni Polis
Prague, Czech Republic


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