NFTBerlin 2022 — May 25-26, 2022

NFT Berlin

NFTBERLIN is a non-profit annual unconference on NFTs. Inspired by the community of passionate NFT artists and technologists, we provide an open, chain-agnostic platform for learning, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.

Speakers include:

  • Aleksandra Smilek, Creative Director, Foresight Institute
  • Andy Chorlian, Founder,
  • Stani Kulechov, Founder, AAVE & Lens Protocol
  • Lenara, Gardener & Invisible Economist, StatelessDAO
  • Raffaella Rein, Founder, CareerFoundry
  • Julien Bouteloup, Founder, RektHQ, BlackPool
  • Lili Feyerabend, Web3 Designer,
  • Viktor Diordiiev, Token Economist
  • Ilan Katin, Founder, StatelessDAO
  • Leila Ismailova, Special projects curator, Artisant
  • Stephen Young, Founder, NFTfi


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