Multichain ERC20 @ETHParis 2023 — July 19, 2023

Hosted by BlockSwap, Multichain ERC20 @ETHParis 2023 is a one-day event with two separate tracks on exciting advancements in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Proof of Neutrality Network and Optimistic MEV

Get ready to explore the innovative world of relays, MEV, and Ethereum’s validator neutrality.

Topics will include:

  • Latest updates on the Proposer Block Separation effort for Ethereum.
  • Upholding decentralization and Ethereum credible neutrality on block building.
  • Creating a fair and open blockspace marketplace available to everyone.
  • MEV smoothening pools and the role of LSD Networks.
  • New products available to Ethereum validators to get the most out of their staked assets.

ETH Restaking and LSD: Composable Validator Marketplace

Get ready to explore the innovative world of restaking, a decentralized marketplace that will revolutionize the Ethereum ecosystem and enhance the coordination of validators and dApps. Learn how restaking can help optimize the performance of validators and extend Ethereum security.

Topics will include:

  • An introduction to restaking and the Composable Validator Marketplace.
  • The current state and challenges of extending Ethereum security.
  • How to create an on-chain, decentralized, and trustless marketplace for dApps and protocols to access validators.
  • How Restaking can increase validators’ earnings.
  • Use cases and potential benefits for various stakeholders, including oracles, relayers, L2s, DEXs, bridges, and rollups

More details on the event and speakers announced soon.

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