Maltese Fintech Company Stobox Launches Alpha Version of Its Platform for Issuance, Offering and Trading Digital Securities

Established in early 2018, Stobox aims to help SMEs, investment funds and cannabis businesses raise capital via issuance of DLT-based digital securities and their offering to non-institutional investors in Europe and worldwide.

Stobox is targeting millennial investors, who express high interest in innovative financial products, as the core investor base of the platform. The company is currently focused on user acquisition among this group.

Stobox CEO Gene Deyev sees this product as a gateway to financial internet, which will give people an opportunity to invest in advanced technological companies in an easy and compliant way.

At the same time, the user won’t have to think about the underlying blockchain technology.

“The backbone of the platform consists of multiple layers that ensure the security of data, permission and rights management, verification infrastructure, payment system integrations, proper clearance and other features. This is needed to ensure high compliance standards, protect the rights of all participants and prevent market abuse. At the same time, the sophisticated core is hidden for the user behind a simple and intuitive interface. The high-quality digital experience is crucial for the 21st-century non-institutional investor,” said Gene Deyev.

The platform will be opening new regions and adding new functionalities on the go. Fully operational version will be released in the first quarter of 2020. More details will be announced on Malta Blockchain & AI Summit, where Stobox is hosting a workshop dedicated to tokenized securities.