London Whale Crypto Meetup & NFT Exhibition — July 4-5, 2022

London Whale Crypto Meetup & NFT Exhibition

London Whale is a 2-day in-person event for individuals, companies and institutions interested in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and NFT art.

The event features an early cryptoartist Mx12Levins as a special guest, which offers a rare chance to see a NFT exhibition in London.

London Whale is looking for an amazing crowd of 300+ blockchain enthusiasts and will be held at an award winning Asian restaurant Yum-Sa in East-Putney, which will be transformed into a networking space with 12 exhibiting spaces. Apart from the indoor space, Yum-Sa has two outdoor spaces that can facilitate 50 people each.

Who is behind London Whale?

London Whale is a newcomer to the London crypto-event space, and is organised by a web hosting company No Stress Limited (trading under a brand HostMaria), whose founder Mr Helmuts Meskonis has been vocal cryptocurrency ambassador since 2017.

The organisers insist that their purpose is to educate and inform people about the technology behind bitcoin, and this is an open event that embraces all cryptocurrencies, while respecting that the throne belongs to Bitcoin.

So, in essence, this is an cryptocurrency event independent from any specific coins or exchanges.


The event is free(ish) – there are free tickets available at Eventbrite to attend this event. Meals and drinks will be provided by Yum-Sa bar and kitchen.

Note: there will be no fiat accepted at the venue. Please prepare your mobile wallets, or stay hungry and thirsty.

10 Free Tickets are available each day. Please return tomorrow if these are sold out today.


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