Liberty in Our Lifetime — October 16, 2021

Bahnhofstrasse 16, 8555 Müllheim

Liberty in Our Lifetime is the inaugural meeting to review liberty projects worldwide, hosted by Free Private Cities Foundation in Müllheim, Switzerland. Held in-person, the event will be also broadcast live.

The world is in disarray.

Economic destruction by lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, never ending monetary expansion and increasing inflation, cancel culture, restrictions on free speech, mass surveillance and the loss of basic human rights are leading to turmoil.

Our “social contract” is frequently changed by governments, but we, the citizens, don’t have that right.

Do we have a chance to opt-out of this?

Is liberty within our lifetime possible or is a more surveilled and totalitarian world inevitable? Are alternative societies feasible, with greater freedom and a “live and let live” attitude?

The answer is YES.

The first new societies are in the making and we are proud to share their stories with you. We will also examine what role Bitcoin can play in a new world of choice and voluntariness.


  • Titus Gebel, Director, Free Private Cities Foundation; CEO of TIPOLIS.
  • Rahim Taghizadegan, President, Free Private City Foundation
  • Daniel Model, Modelhof
  • Archibald Astley-Corbett, Director, FEMAC
  • Joel Bomgar, Próspera
  • Massimo Mazzone, ZEDE Morazan
  • Joe Quirk, President, The Seasteading Institute
  • Johann Gevers, Founder, Crypto Valley
  • Vít Jedlička, President, Liberland
  • Gabriel Scheare, Founder, Frenly Park
  • Tudor Iliescu, Managing Director, Free Private Cities Foundation
  • Thibault Serlet, Co-Founder and Chief Researcher, Adrianople Group


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