LABITCONF 2021 Arrives, the Most Important Bitcoin Event in the Region

October 21, 2021 — The oldest and most significant Bitcoin and Blockchain conference in Latin America, LABITCONF (Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference), announced that it would hold its 2021 edition in El Salvador from November 15 to 20 during what was dubbed as Bitcoin Week.

The four main organizers of crypto industry events in the Americas are aligned to organize this historic meeting for the first time. This is a non-profit event and is directed to foster local crypto entrepreneurs, taking into account the most recent announcement of El Salvador for the Crypto world and the local population. Furthermore, this event comes when the currency is approaching its historical highs and never has before seen growth in adoption in the region.

This ninth edition of the conference will bring more than 150 international speakers in more than 50 talks to educate the population about the potential future and usefulness of Bitcoin beyond its use in the Chivo Wallet or the Bitcoin Law.

In addition, this event aims to show the rest of the countries the Salvadoran proposal, attract investment from crypto entrepreneurs and reflect on the impact of similar measures in the rest of the world.

Bitcoin Week has five days of programming that includes more than eight key activities, highlighting the conference on November 17, “All about Bitcoin”.

“This event consists of a free day where the people will be able to approach to understand and clarify their doubts about the use, the potential of Bitcoin beyond remittances, and why this asset is important for all Salvadorians and not only for those with greater purchasing power. We will all be open to teaching from scratch, with talks that will focus on speculation management, other types of cryptocurrencies, advantages of different wallets, and job opportunities, among others. We will also have an open microphone for any doubts that may arise”, says Rodolfo Andragnes, general organizer of the conference.

This year’s schedule also includes the Hackathon to be held from November 15 to 16. This event will consist of challenges that must be solved using Blockchain programming languages, one of the most demanded and best-paid skills in the global workplace.

On the other hand, the LABITCONF global conference will be held on November 18 and 19, with top-level speakers discussing crypto philosophy, financial regulation, social impact, and the sector’s roadmap. This event also aims to invite to the debate local key opinion leaders opposed to the measure.

On the 16th and 17th, there will also be the Adopting Bitcoin, a conference which has a more technical focus, centering on Lighting Network technology. There will also be personalized legal clinics, a craft fair to trade bitcoin, live graphic and musical artists, and stands of companies in the sector.

Thus, with its return to face-to-face, this event expects to promote the relationship between experts, entrepreneurs, world-class analysts, and the leading players in Latin America to present the latest global releases in this environment. Against this backdrop, spaces like LABITCONF are essential to reflect, discuss and educate an increasingly robust community in the region.

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