Ibiza NXT 2023 – Heading Toward a Purpose-Driven Web3 Innovation Journey

Ibiza NXT returns with its third edition, taking place from October 4th to 6th on Ibiza, the globally renowned ‘White Island’. This iconic destination has embarked on a transformative journey to evolve into a ‘blockchain island’ committed to enhancing connectivity, scalability, and sustainability within its vibrant community.

This year’s conference dives deep into the convergence of purpose and technology, exploring how Web3 and blockchain innovation stand poised to tangibly elevate various aspects of our lives. From reshaping daily routines and influencing career paths to nurturing creativity, and weaving into the very fabric of our society,Ibiza NXT promises insights into a future powered by purpose-driven technology.

Exploring Web3’s evolution: DeFi, DAOs,NFTs, Metaverse and beyond

Ibiza NXT 2023 maintains its unwavering focus on the path to Web3 mass adoption, building upon the foundation laid in previous editions, with an emphasis on remarkable trends in NFTs, the Metaverse, DeFi, and DAOs. However, this year, the conference explores relevant topics such as the relationship between blockchain and AI technologies, physical asset tokenization, new synergies between blockchain and sustainability, and the transformative influence of blockchain on our daily lives.

Moreover, we will highlight the invaluable role of women in the industry, provide insights into career development in technology, and critically scrutinize the challenges that can arise when technology loses sight of its original purpose and visionary goals.

This year’s conference also centers on exploring the personal stories of local and international individuals regarding their visions of the future and how innovation and technology can either enhance or potentially impact the lives and communities of people.

What’s on at Ibiza NXT?

Ibiza NXT 2023 offers free admission, but registration is required at due to limited spots.

Ibiza NXT is organized by Ibiza Token, the Ibiza Web3 ecosystem, a project dedicated to continually educating citizens, companies, and institutions about the potential of new technologies.

The event is supported by the City of Ibiza (Adjuntament d’Eivissa), the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), and the Federation of Small-Midsize Enterprises of Ibiza and Formentera (PIMEEF).
Among its partners and strategic collaborators, Ibiza NXT counts on Bankless DAO, Dexart,, KlimaDAO, Ethermail, Dtravel, Quadrans Foundation, Folks Finance, Klubcoin, Djenerates, BlockTides,, and others.

The Venues

The conference, divided into morning and evening sessions, will take place at three main venues. The morning sessions will be hosted at The Hub.Ibiza, a community-focused venue located in the heart of Ibiza. This space serves as a connective hub for creatives, entrepreneurs, and executives, bridging the gap between startups and major corporations.

The evening sessions on the 4th and 5th of October will be held at the Baluarte of Sant Pere, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a historic fortress originally built for defense against pirate attacks. Today, it stands as a popular tourist attraction, celebrated for its historical significance.

On the evening of the 6th of October, the event will take place at the Ebusus Sociedad Cultural, an iconic Ibiza venue established in 1927. This institution is dedicated to promoting social, cultural, artistic, and recreational activities for its members and the broader Ibiza community. Throughout its history, it has served as a hub for local intellectuals and artists, playing a pivotal role in promoting cultural events and shaping the island’s cultural and social landscape.

The Conference Format

Ibiza NXT 2023 introduces a unique conference format, divided into two distinct moments:

  • Morning Sessions: A hub for thought-provoking panels, inspiring talks, and the unveiling of cutting-edge innovations and real-world Web3 use cases featuring a diverse array of visionary thinkers, both local and international, alongside researchers and passionate individuals actively shaping the future through innovation. On October 4th, Ibiza NXT dives into talks and panels about “The Path to a Decentralized World: Overcoming Communication, Finance, and Industry Challenges for Blockchain Mass Adoption.” On October 5th and 6th the conference focuses on “Tech Innovation for a Brighter and Sustainable Future (Environment, Local Economy, Career, Cities),” and “Exploring the Future of Content Creation and Entertainment.”
  • Evening Sessions: An intimate journey into the personal narratives of artists, entrepreneurs, and academics as they share their visions of the future. Through relaxed interviews, those sessions explore how innovation and technology can either enhance or potentially impact the lives and communities of people. This experience also creates a space for artistic expression, featuring NFT art exhibitions, DJ sets, live music performances, and much more.

The conference line-up includes speakers such as:

  • Bruce Sterling, novelist and founder of the Cyberpunk movement
  • Alex Nascimento, Managing Director, 7CC Investments; Co-founder, Blockchain at UCLA
  • Helena Rong, PhD Researcher, Columbia University
  • Andrew Bonneau, Head of Partnerships, KlimaDAO
  • Bob Reid, CEO & Co-founder,
  • Zeno Auersperg, Head of Economic Research, Folks Finance
  • Cynthia Huang, CEO, Dtravel
  • Marco Crotta, TEDx Speaker; Founder, Blockchain Café
  • Davide Costa, Co-founder, Quadrans Foundation
  • Rosa Pericàs Gornals, PhD Researcher, University of the Balearic Islands
  • Jasmina Tešanović, Author, Activist, and Artist
  • Violeta M. Valcheva, Founder, NFEST; Interdisciplinary creator
  • Arnold Travieso, Founder & CEO, Crypto Música Records

Side events:

The iconic venue of Baluarte de Sant Pere, a UNESCO heritage site, will be the setting for the events on the 4th and 5th, featuring NFT art exhibitions, DJ sets by renowned artists such as Sarah Main, live music and artistic performances.

On October 6th, Ibiza NXT concludes its three-day conference with an incredible event at Amnesia Ibiza, one of the worldwide most renowned clubs, in collaboration with DJenerates and KlubCoin, as previously done in 2022.

About Ibiza NXT

Ibiza NXT is the first Ibiza’s Web3 and blockchain conference powered by Ibiza Token, a project that constantly makes efforts to educate citizens, companies, and institutions about the potential of new technologies. Ibiza NXT was born with the purpose to connect Ibiza to the potential of Web3 and blockchain by bringing together international speakers and local representatives of industry, culture, and institutions to discuss the infinite possibilities to improve our lives and business through these technologies.

About Ibiza Token

Ibiza Token leverages the full potential of Web3 to promote the excellence of local businesses, support the artistic scene, and fulfill the expectations of tourists oriented to discover the iconic ‘White Island’. As Ibiza’s first Web3 ecosystem, Ibiza Token counts on the utility token $IBZ, the IBZ NFT marketplace, the Eivichain local product blockchain- tracking platform, and the IbizaPay payment system to connect local business and content creators with a global audience.

Ibiza Token’s mission is to play a pivotal role in transforming Ibiza into a “blockchain island” by facilitating increased adoption of blockchain technology and enhancing connectivity, scalability, and sustainability within its vibrant community.

About last editions
The first edition of Ibiza NXT in 2021 was a one-day event and remarkably sold out despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

The second edition further cemented the conference’s standing as a significant event in the Web3 and blockchain calendar, placing it alongside other prominent European destinations.

Ibiza NXT has a strong track record of attracting distinguished speakers and forming robust partnerships with organizations such as Polygon, Bankless DAO, Over the Reality, FTW DAO, Quadrans Foundation, Union Avatars, Breeder DAO, Klubcoin, DJenerates, the City of Lugano, Cointelegraph, NFT Evening, UToday, and many others.

With over 2,000 participants contributing to this vibrant knowledge-sharing platform, the conference has garnered extensive media coverage, including reports on recognized channels like TVE, the Spanish national television.

Institutional support for the conference has come from various entities, including the City of Ibiza, Government of the Islands of Ibiza, Government of the Balearic Islands, PIMEEF, the Federation of Mid-sized and Small Enterprises of Ibiza, among others. It has featured the participation of over 50 national and international speakers and collaborations with more than 54 companies, both local and international.

CryptoEvents is an official media partner for the event.

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