Headline Speakers Announced for Second Iteration of Proof-of-Work Summit in Frankfurt

The ETC Cooperative and Litecoin Foundation have joined forces to bring the second Proof-of-Work Summit to Frankfurt, Germany, from 27-29th September 2024.

Hosting the second Proof-of-Work (POW) Summit in a city renowned for its technological and financial heritage, like Frankfurt, was an obvious choice. The city provides an excellent environment for exploring the future of proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.

The POW Summit seeks to revive and embody the spirit and principles of cypherpunks, the pioneers of the blockchain revolution. In this spirit, the Summit gathers leading experts to discuss a wide range of topics. Speakers include:

  • Jameson Lopp, Professional Cypherpunk
  • Daniel Batten, ClimateTech Investor
  • Phil Zimmerman, Creator, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
  • Charlie Lee, Founder, Litecoin
  • Sergio Demian Lerner, Chief of Innovation, RootstockLabs
  • Dennis Porter, CEO & Co-Founder, Satoshi Action Fund

The “Bitcoin Renaissance” AKA “Bitcoin Season 2” has been underway for the last year or so and is an exhilarating validation of Bitcoin and POW in general for a broad set of use cases that have historically only happened on other chains. POW Summit 2024 will explain the cypherpunk fundamentals and value proposition of the major POW chains across the following thematic streams:

  • Proof of Scale (Bitcoin L2s and Sidechains) – This track will focus on presenting technical and economic tradeoffs from the leading L2 and sidechain projects. ● Proof of Utility (Emerging Protocols and Utilities) – This track will focus on emerging Protocols and Utilities competing for scarce block space on the base layer, and L2’s.
  • Proof of Sustainability (Mining and Environment) – This track will focus on how and why the POW chains are the most ecological and efficient thermodynamic method for creating and securing maps of data in space and time.
  • Proof of Human Rights (Privacy, Fungibility, Legal Issues) – This track will feature anything from cutting-edge technology, to commentary and future visions.

“The Proof-of-Work Summit provides an opportunity for both industry leaders and interested individuals to gather and discuss topics spanning mining, privacy, and the benefits of proof-of-work,” says Bob Summerwill, Executive Director at the ETC Cooperative. “Partnering with like-minded communities is a natural fit. The more we engage, collaborate, and exchange knowledge, the better we can strengthen the future of proof-of-work and its associated networks and communities.”

Echoing Bob’s views, Alan Austin, Managing Director of Litecoin Foundation, remarked,

“The POW Summit is set to be a distinctive event. We are once again bringing together the leading proof-of-work communities for a common goal. We are revisiting cypherpunk principles, underscoring the continued importance of censorship resistance, decentralization, proof-of-work, and privacy in 2024.”

POW Summit 2024 is a collaboration between ETC Cooperative and Litecoin Foundation, with support from MMH Technology Group and the participation of individuals and institutions from the Bitcoin (and Bitcoin L2), Monero, Darkfi, and Dogecoin communities.

To secure Early Bird tickets, register your interest as a speaker or sponsor, or for more information, please visit or reach out via the contact details below.

Emma Todd
MMH Group

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