Global Metaverse Carnival Announced!

Global Metaverse Carnival

August 2, 2022 — After the success of the last Asia Metaverse Conference 2022, we received a lot of feedback from the global audience about the need for further learning and socializing with the global Metaverse companies.

So the Metaverse Club is organizing the Global Metaverse Carnival, a big festival for global Metaverse companies. It will be happening from 6th-8th December 2022, with about 100 speakers and 2000 participants worldwide.

The Venue- “Christmas Snow house-themed” 3D online event venue

The event venue will be a custom attractive “Christmas Snow house-themed” 3D online event venue with graphics that you’re in a Hollywood anime with the whole audience!

The audience can create a unique avatar of their own and walk around the venue to explore the 3D expo area, talk and Q&A with the speakers, exhibitors, investors, and others, join the social networking, play games together and have a party!

In addition to learning at the event, the audiences will get plenty of social and entertainment! All you need is a network and a browser!

Global Metaverse Carnival 2022 Christmas Venue

Speakers include:

  • Patrick Abbott, President, 2D Tech USA
  • Mik Mironov, Founder, RBL Labs
  • On Yavin, Founder & Managing Partner, Cointelligence Fund
  • Isabell Welpe, Full Professor, Technical University of Munich
  • David Hoppe, Managing Partner, Gamma Law
  • Kayaash Singh, VP- Growth & International Business, OneRare
  • Rudy Shoushany, Founder & CEO, DxTalks
  • Gilbert Ng, Partner, Mulana Ventures
  • Takayuki Suzuki, CEO, MetaTokyo
  • Raj Kapoor, Founder, India Blockchain Alliance
  • Ajit Padmanabh, Founder and CEO, Who VR
  • Nicole Nguyen, CMO, Duelist King
  • Les Borsai,Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Wave Financial
  • Musheer Ahmed, Founder & Managing Director, Finstep Asia
  • Dr Loretta Chen, Co-Founder & CEO, Smobler Studios
  • Ayesha Mubarak ALi, Co-Foudner and Creative Director, Metavisionaries
  • Jesse “Aggroed” Reich, CEO & Founder, Splinterlands
  • David Siemer, CEO, Wave Financial
  • Samuel Teo, Co-Founder, Aventis Metaverse
  • Jawad Ashraf, CEO, Virtua
  • Anna Tutova, CEO, Coinstelegram


The Global Metaverse Carnival will mainly bring together Metaverse brands, technology companies, investment institutions, blockchain companies, Metaverse tools, and service providers, as well as journalists from Asia, North and South America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa, to discuss the significant global events happening in the Metaverse in the second half of 2022! (e.g. local governments’ policies, regulations, technologies, solutions, local market Metaverse corporate resources, successful cases, future Metaverse market trends, etc.)


In addition, the Carnival will also provide branding opportunities for the company that wants to showcase its business innovation to the Metaverse market.

Global Metaverse Carnival Sessions:

  • Forum One: Global Six Continents Metaverse Policy, Technology, and Ecosystem Development Forum

In this session, the Local policymakers, Metaverse brands, technology companies, law firms, consulting firms, media, and other senior representatives from Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, and Africa to discuss and exchange information on local Metaverse development policies,laws and regulations, the latest market development progress, local Metaverse market resources, technologies, and expectations for future Metaverse development in the local market so that the global audience could better understand the current development situation of Metaverse in different countries.

  • Forum Two: Blockchain Into Metaverse Forum

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the core elements in Metaverse development. Web3, decentralization, blockchain technology, and infrastructure development have a significant role in promoting the ecological effect of the Metaverse. In this session, global blockchain brands (blockchain games, NFTs, Defi, etc.), Metaverse blockchain service providers, web3, and decentralized organizations will discuss blockchain’s current development in the Metaverse and its future growth prediction.

  • Forum Three: Investment Into Metaverse

What are the market investment opportunities in the Metaverse? What are the main factors investment institutions look for when investing in Metaverse projects? Which global investment institutions are laying out the Metaverse investment track? What are the predictions of investment institutions for the next decade of metaverse development?

In this session, more than 20 chief metaverse investment officers from top global investment institutions will be joining the discussion.The audience will understand the metaverse market investment opportunities from the investment institutions’ perspective and how to develop your projects better to get more potential investment opportunities.

  • Forum Four: Metaverse Financing Roadshow

The Financing Roadshow is for startups or companies with new projects in the Metaverse to get more opportunities to showcase their innovative products to investors and to enable investors to get more resources for creative projects. Thirty investors responsible for investing in metaverse-related industries will attend this session. Ten companies with metaverse-related projects will have a 10-minute demo and 10-minute Q&A with investors for each session.

After the roadshow, we have 3 hours of social time in the investors’ Social Room to promote communication between projects and investors. At the same time, the video wall in the Investor Room will showcase innovative project videos from Metaverse projects.

Expo Zone

Thirty 3D booths will provide project promotion and resource acquisition opportunities for Metaverse companies in the 3D Expo Zone. The attendees can create their own unique avatar and walk around the venue to explore the 3D expo area, talk, and Q&A with the exhibitors. Video and advertising banners and downloadable brochures can be placed at the booth.

Social Networking Venues:

  • Outdoor Networking Area
  • Speed Networking Table Lounge
  • Speaker Rest Room
  • Attendee Rest Room
  • Investor Social Room
  • Ice Bar
  • Media Center

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