Local time: Timezone: (UTC+04:00) Abu Dhabi, DubaiDate: Apr 16 2024Time: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Location: Grand Hyatt Dubai, Oud Metha Road, Dubai Healthcare City Riyadh Street - Near Sheikh Rashid Rd, Dubai


Global Blockchain Show Dubai 2024

Global Blockchain Show Dubai is the premiere Web3 platform where thought leaders from the Web3 ecosystem and projects gather under one roof to share their insights and discuss future opportunities in the web3 space.

This event brings together the global Web3 humans and creates exceptional opportunities like networking, learning, leadership sessions, project showcases, and much more.

Global Blockchain Show Dubai will help you explore what is new and upcoming about the space.

Speakers include:

  • Lennix Lai, Chief Commercial Officer, OKX
  • Dominic Williams, Founder & Chief Scientist, DFINITY Foundation
  • Nikhil Joshi, COO, EMURGO
  • Carmen Tan, Chief Communications Officer, CoinW
  • Carl Runefelt, Founder, Moon Group
  • Richard Muirhead, Managing Partner, Fabric Ventures
  • David Palmer, Chief Product Officer, Co-founder, Digital Asset Broker (DAB) Platform Vodafone
  • Alicia Kao, Managing Director, KuCoin
  • Jordi Alexander Chief Alchemist, Mantle
  • Dr. Ebrahim Al Alkeem Al Zaabi, Director Digital Transformation, Govt of Abu Dhabi
  • Myriam Ben Sayeh, EEMEA Crypto Risk & Innovation leader, Mastercard
  • Vivien Lin, Chief Product Officer, BingX
  • Christian Gleich , International Ambassador, European Blockchain Association
  • Robert Quartly-Janeiro, Chief Strategy Officer, Bitrue
  • Andre Jr Ayotte, Partner, Modus Capital
  • Zara Zamani​, COO & CoFounder, Neoki
  • Uldis Teraudkains, CEO, Nexpay
  • Brian Fabian Crain, CEO, Chorus One
  • Tone Vays, Founder, The Financial Summit
  • Alex Fazel, Chief Partnership Officer, SwissBorg
  • Mario Nawfal, Co-Founder & CEO, IBC Group
  • Cris D. Tran, Chief Strategy Officer, Wow AI
  • Maria Vovchok, Podcast Host & Journalist, Dubai Blockchain Center
  • Sophia The Robot

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