Friends of the Metaverse: Season of Innovation 2023 — December 7, 2023

Friends of the Metaverse is pleased to announce its virtual global conference Season of Innovation 2023 is fast approaching! Get ready for an agenda of top-notch content and world-class experts from technology companies, financial services institutions, global consulting firms, and entertainment and hospitality enterprises.

This virtual conference will bring together the world’s most influential thought leaders, challenging boundaries and igniting your imagination. From luminaries to visionaries, our speakers come from around the globe to share their insights and shape the future of technology.

The conference will be led by Friends of the Metaverse.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Louis Rosenberg, Unanimous AI
  • Jack J. McCauley, Oculus VR Co-Founder and Inventor, U.C. Berkeley
  • Lisa M. Watts, OneTwenty1
  • Dr. Mischa Dohler, Vice President, Emerging Technologies, Ericsson
  • Jacqueline Touma, Director, Global Partner Marketing, ServiceNow
  • David Palmer, CPO Vodafone Digital Asset Broker, Vodafone
  • Sharon O’Sullivan, Global Head, Tech Research and Innovation, Bank of Montreal
  • Julia Martensen, Field Innovation Officer, ServiceNow
  • Lisa M. Lum, Founder, Friends of the Metaverse

Panels include representatives from:

Unanimous AI, One/Twenty1, Accenture, Bank of Montreal, Blockchain Style Lab, DX
Ericsson, MetaVRse, MGM Resorts International, RBC Family Office, Relevant Hospitality, Salesforce, ServiceNow, UC Berkeley, Vodafone, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Web3 with TPan, XPLORIUS, and more.

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