EuroSpark 2023 – September 15-17, 2023

EuroSpark 2023 is a pioneering community event designed to unite and empower like-minded communities, serving as a vibrant hub for meaningful connections, learning, and collaboration.

Distinguished from conventional talks, EuroSpark’s speaker sessions incorporate interactive activities that actively engage the audience. Participants will have the unique chance to directly interact with speakers, pose questions, and share their perspectives, fostering a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

The event’s goal is to ensure that every individual is not just a listener but an active contributor.

Speakers include:

  • Taymour Serafy, Co-Founder, Sabani Linens & Web3 Without Borders
  • Ricardo Castro, Growth Marketing Manager, IOV Labs
  • Cynthia Huang, CEO, Dtravel
  • Anieke Lamers, The VC Coach & The Fundraising Coach
  • Nelson Lopez, Global HR Operations,
  • Spicy Bruno, Founder & CVO, ChiliBangs
  • Nicola Da Dalto, Digital Marketing Manager, Exclusible
  • Thomas Crypto & Taxes, Owner, Crypto & Taxes
  • Daniyal Inamullah, Head of Credit, Credora
  • Guhaku, Founder/CEO, ShikaiNFT

Venue: NINHO Lisboa
Lisbon, Portugal


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